The Four Things I Love The Most About Summer

There is so much to do during summer but there a few things that I look forward to each year. These are my personal favorite things to do during summer.

1. Swimming

I'm not much of a fan of swimming in a lake but I do enjoy swimming at outdoor pools and water parks. There is just something about jumping into the water during the summer that I just love. The water is nice and cold and I can also spend time with friends while having a ton of fun.

2. Camping

I don't get out camping as much as I used to as a child but it's something I look forward to. When I was a child I would always be asking mom and dad when we were going camping because I loved being outdoors and having a good time. I wish I could go camping more often now but that is not really possible when I work basically every weekend.

3. Late nights

Since the sun doesn't set as early as it does during other times of the year, it's nice to stay outside longer and enjoy time with friends and family. This goes back to the last point I made about being outside. I enjoy the outdoors and like to spend as much time as possible out there. As a child, I can remember chasing lighting bugs and keeping them in jars over night and I wish I still had the energy to do that still. It was one of the best parts about summer, staying outside as long as possible.

4. Bonfires

There is just something about the atmosphere while sitting around a campfire with your loved ones. It is very relaxing and many memories- good and bad get brought up. It is a fun way to relax and enjoy life. Bonfires are what tie campfires and late nights altogether. I don't think that you can really go camping without a bonfire and if you are going to spend time outside at night, what better way to do that than out by a bonfire. Bonfires are the ultimate summer activity for me. So many memories have been made sitting around a bonfire. Now that I am away from home and in an apartment it is kind of hard to get out to a bonfire but I'll still make it work.

Summer is one of my favorite seasons and I think this proves it. Between swimming, camping, bonfires and staying out as late as possible it's quite obvious that I love summer. I wish every season was like summer but without the heat. I could go without the heat. If only summer lasted longer so that I could enjoy my favorite things more often.

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