My Favorite Things And My Issues About Paper
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My Favorite Things And My Issues About Paper

I had way too much time on my hands and so I chose to write all about paper.

My Favorite Things And My Issues About Paper

Paper. It comes in various shapes and colors. Some things you will find in this article are what interests me most when it comes to what kind of paper to use, why writing papers based on page length is more difficult, and my biggest issues regarding paper.

Even though I mentioned the rocks first, I would like to discuss my own interests about paper. My paper preference is simple, college ruled. That's what I like the most, my handwriting is small and so college ruled makes it easy to write in. I do not feel as if I have a mile between the lines of my words as if I was writing on wide ruled paper. Wide ruled paper does have its uses though, like when you need to write facts on a video that fill up one page or maybe a two page, hand-written paper, single spaced. Wide ruled as many uses like that which is wonderful but college ruled is still my favorite things.

Now, I just mentioned how wide ruled paper is wonderful for single-spaced, two-page papers. Of course, we utilize writing on the computer and then printing nowadays, but at one point we did not. Overall though, why must our assignments be based on a number of pages? Why are books and research papers only credible if they have so many pages? I think these things are ridiculous and make writing assignments more difficult. Yet, your teachers will say it is not about the quantity of what you write, it's the quality but you still need to meet this five-page requirement. Another thing that has happened to me in the past is that I had a word limit for an assignment that was 2700 words, but in parenthesis, it said a minimum of ten pages. Then, in the rubric were page markers for the various sections the professor wanted the paper to cover. My confusion was extreme but it was only a draft and so I wrote based on the rubric and my first draft was over 2700 words but only reaching seven pages. I do like the idea of writing based on word count instead of writing by page number and having that word count as only a recommendation to our papers.

In college, the professors ask for so much information it makes it easy to reach page requirements most of the time, but it's usually just barely. Your teachers will always tell you that you probably just need more information, which may be true, but what if it is not and you're a page short? That's the dilemma, I was able to write 2700+ words in seven pages, that just sounds a lot more appealing to me. When people mention pages, one or two isn't a bad number, when people mention words, 1000 words isn't a bad number. I think we already have an idea of how many words fits on a page and in the aspect of writing, writing by words would make things a lot easier than writing by pages.

Obviously, the difference between college ruled and wide ruled, along with writing by page numbers versus words, are two issues I have. Another one is how paper can be different shades of white and have different shades of ink to define the margins and the lines of the paper. This may sound silly but it is the reason I do not borrow paper from people and the reason I have a binder full of different kinds of paper. It's like wearing all black clothes but each item being a shade of black off. Imagine having a binder full of paper without needing to define the different packages of paper because each one is of different color and of different size. If I have no other choice but to borrow paper, as soon as I get my paper back, I will copy the information over and place it where it belongs. It's strange, I know but consistency is the key to my sanity.

I hope you enjoyed my virtual article about paper. Writing on the computer is my favorite thing to do because I do I can think faster and keep up with typing. Physically writing leaves me open to losing a lot of information. By the way, in case you were curious this article is about 777 words or about 3-4 pages.

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