My Favorite Things About The Holidays
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My Favorite Things About The Holidays

There are certain things that really make the holidays enjoyable for me.

My Favorite Things About The Holidays

Some people love the holidays and some people hate them. As a kid, I used to love this time of year, every year without hesitation. I mean who didn't love getting presents as a kid? Granted, I have had my fair share of years where I don't care for them. But when I do love them, there are certain things that really make the holidays enjoyable for me.

Hallmark Movies

To me, Hallmark movies are some of the happiest movies around. They always have a happy ending and it just brings hope that life will have a happy ending no matter what your current circumstances are. Nothing seems better to me than being able to spend a weekend curled up watching Hallmark movies while it snows outside or to be wrapping people's gifts while I watch Hallmark. It just really puts me into the spirit for the holidays.

Christmas Music

Sometimes I love Christmas music, sometimes I hate it. It really depends on the year for me it seems, but when I like Christmas music, it's like the best thing ever invented. So cheery and fun, it just helps put you in the right mood for Christmas.


There are people who love decorating for Christmas, there are some who hate it. I love looking at decorations that people put up, I love looking at my own decorations as well. Although it's never fun to put up or take down Christmas decorations, I think that the enjoyment you get from looking at them while they are up is worth the hassle.


No, I don't love snow much at all. There is one time a year where I am okay with snow and that is Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Otherwise, I typically despise snow, especially driving in it.

Warm Yummy Drinks

Percolator punch, apple cider, hot chocolate, all some of the greatest seasonal drinks you can get, at least in my opinion. Percolator punch is a tradition on my mom's side of the family. It's definitely one of the best drinks I've had and we only have it this time of year.

Family Time

Love them or hate them, the holidays revolve around spending time with family. Extended family or immediate family, it's the one time a year where everyone has to put their differences aside and try to enjoy themselves for at least a few hours.


Whether your favorite part about gifts is giving or getting, there is always something joyful about this time of year. I particularly love giving gifts and seeing smiles on people's faces when they open their gifts. However, I don't mind getting gifts, I just feel better when I get people something that they really want.


Something that makes it feel that it is time for the holidays for me, is going to bazaars with my mom and sisters. There is just something about going to bazaars that kicks off the holiday season for me. I only go to bazaars right around and after Thanksgiving which helps me to get ready for Christmas time and time for the holidays.


Everybody celebrates different things around this time of year. All I can say about this is Christmas is not just about Santa and gifts and getting and giving. It is celebrating one of many things. Whatever it is that you celebrate take pride in that and don't forget the true reason behind it.

Your Favorite Childhood Christmas Movies

How the Grinch Stole Christmas, the Santa Claus, a Christmas Story, Home Alone, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, all some great Christmas movies. Some of my favorite Christmas movies are less known, such as the Disney movie, The Ultimate Christmas Present. Christmas movies just help to put me into the spirit, as I'm sure they do to others as well.

Being Generous and Helping Others

One of my favorite things to do is to help people and be generous. I love giving to those in need and helping others through hard times. Just the look on their face and the joy they feel makes it completely worth it to me.


Who doesn't love Santa? Especially when little kids are around. They are always so excited about Santa, and it is just so fun for me to see and hear their happiness and joys that Santa brings.

Traditions (church, stuffed french toast, a big breakfast, waking up early to open presents before going to grandmas)

There are lots of traditions in my family, some of my favorites are going to church on Christmas Eve with my family. On Christmas Day, waking up early to open presents while my mom makes her most famous dish to pass at my grandparents later that day, stuffed french toast. Then after breakfast at my grandparents, we just relax with all my aunts, uncles, and cousins. Playing games, or when we were little I was always allowed two smaller presents to take to my grandparents. Whatever it was, Christmas is never Christmas without these traditions in my life. I don't know what I will do when I no longer spend Christmas Day with my extended family on my mother's side. It just doesn't seem right, I have always spent Christmas Day with them.

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