Do You Have A Favorite Social Media Account?
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Do You Have A Favorite Social Media Account?

Try to rank your social media from 1 to 5,1 to 6, etc.

Do You Have A Favorite Social Media Account?
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I didn't realize I used so many social media accounts until I decided to write this article. How many social media accounts do you have? You might have not thought about this until I mentioned it. Over the years I've increased my presence on the internet without even realizing it. I don't know if this is a good or bad thing. I feel like social media is one of my past times. I find myself going on them when I feel like I have "nothing to do" when in reality I could be doing something much more productive but while we are here, I've decided to rank all the social medias that I use.

1. Snapchat

We all know that Snapchat is the number one battery killer but does that stop us from using it? No. Anyways, Snapchat can be so entertaining if you have the right people. My life is pretty boring so I don't post as much as the average person but I do enjoy viewing everyone's stories. I remember when not many people used it then it just blew up! It's probably my most used social media account.

2. Twitter

Twitter is home to the most hilarious memes! I always go on there when I need a laugh. Sometimes it's people's replies that can make the original tweet or meme much more funnier than it was to begin with. It's also a great place to discuss your favorite tv shows with other users. You can simply tap the hashtag for your tv show and you'll quickly find plenty of people "live-tweeting" (tweeting their reactions to the show while it's on live). Twitter is #1 for social media in my opinion.

3. Tumblr

And it's just random things like this that makes me love Tumblr! I always go to Tumblr when I need a laugh. I also go on there for some inspiration. I find meaningful quotes on there all the time. I feel like the most creative people are present on Tumblr. I don't know. I am always seeing something creative on my dashboard when I open the app. I also like being able to customize my own blog such as how it can appear differently on the mobile app compared to how it is when it's viewed on a computer. With other social medias, it's just that the mobile app is basically a compact version of the web version. I wish I used Tumblr more often like I used to though.

4. Pinterest

Pinterest makes me feel like my life is somewhat not a mess. Pinning things onto my boards is actually so satisfying for me. I love to be organized so pinning really helps. I tend pin like crazy one day and then not come back until days later. Is this normal Pinterest behavior? Am I the only one who does this?

5. Instagram

Although I probably go on Instagram the second most (Snapchat being the most), it's a bit low down my list. Well first off, they took the posts out of chronological order! This gets me so stressed out because I don't want to like someone's picture from like days ago but that's honestly when I see it and have no choice. They have to understand right? Then I forget to check Instagram stories since there's snapchat where people post basically the same thing on each story. Also, I'm not photogenic at all so I rarely post but I'll like all your pictures!

6. Facebook

Facebook is just Facebook. You know what I mean if you have one. It's great to have to connect with your friends and family and that's mostly it. You do find funny things on there once in awhile though! There's no chronologic order on the newsfeed similar to Instagram and that irks me too. I need at least something in my life to be organized okay? Haha.

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