Stuck In That Summer Rut Of Boredom? Watch My Top 5 YouTube Channels Of Highly Effective Productivity And Educational Material
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Stuck In That Summer Rut Of Boredom? Watch My Top 5 YouTube Channels Of Highly Effective Productivity And Educational Material

Because you should never stop learning.

Stuck In That Summer Rut Of Boredom? Watch My Top 5 YouTube Channels Of Highly Effective Productivity And Educational Material

I love learning. There, I said it. Sure, I don't have perfect grades and I may not always be the smartest person in the room, but there's just something about wanting to know everything there is to know that keeps me fascinated with the wonders of the factual world, even when I'm on academic break. And what better way to keep myself (and hopefully you, as well) in the learning loop by checking out these riveting productivity and educational YouTube channels?

1. Thomas Frank

What I love most about Thomas Frank's videos is his impeccable public speaking ability. Coupled with the in-depth and multiview research he conducts for each video, this channel provides the most succinct resource on how to increase your productivity and enhance your study skills in the most engaging way possible. His energy, relatability and knowledge make watching his videos an almost conversational experience (as if you were chatting with a wise longtime friend!) that feels more like taking you're taking down personalized advice than verbatim notes on how to, say, read books faster.

2. CrashCourse

I can't have this list without mentioning this all-time 21st-century educational classic, CrashCourse! This is my go-to channel to supplement my study material. I enjoy the fun animations that accompany the voiceover—my favorites are the ones featuring critically acclaimed novelist John Green, who makes the videos entertaining by incorporating quirky (yet still informative) comments that transform into quirky (yet still effective) animations.

3. The Infographics Show

The Infographics Show is similar to CrashCourse in the sense that it drives upon presenting information through animated motion videos—engaging infographics, if you will. I use this channel as a fun way to learn about off-the-books topics, such as what the US would be like if it had the same population as China (don't worry, this is more so a science fiction fantasy debunked than a possible reality), or the reasoning as to why carrots are orange (surprisingly, it has everything to do with politics, and not food science).

4. The Art of Improvement

Seeking self-help material doesn't have to only be through print books or online blogs: The Art of Improvement offers video content on how to be the best version of yourself. It takes only a few minutes out of your day to watch, but supplies a wealth of invaluable life hacks on the road to, well, self-improvement. Personally, I like the sophisticated manner of which these videos are presented in, because it inspires me to view myself and my own internal journey seriously.

5. Studywithinspo

And saving the most aesthetically pleasing study channel for last is Studywithinspo! Although expensive stationary, cute school supplies and color-coordinated notes shouldn't dictate your motivation to pursue academic success, sometimes you just need that 12-Piece 0.5 mm MUJI Colored Gel Ink Pen Set in your life to spark that scholarly inspiration within you. I actually follow this channel's content creator on various other social media platforms, and I adore his ability to study with style (and in style, as well—peep his awesome fashion sense)! I've never had much regard for taking more time than absolutely necessary to perfect my notes or carefully craft each of my flashcards, but I admire those who do and still have a productive and effective academic life.

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