This is a thank you to the dad who has the onset of shoulder tendinitis, yet continues to carry the weight of five worlds on his shoulders, including his own. Even when our baggage becomes almost unbearable, your sacrifices never go underappreciated and don't forget that to us, every day is Father's Day.

Thank you for being Mr. Mom when needed

Every family has their issues, and you were able to be a super Mr. Mom when it was necessary. From doing the dreadful shift work, to cooking, cleaning, and raising us high-maintenance firecrackers who seemed to only deepen the hole in your pocket; despite the weight of all these worlds on your shoulders, we were still able to travel the world on a budget (thanks to Disney's Epcot), wait by the front door on Thursday Chinese food nights, and overall have a positively memorable childhood, because of you. Those strained shoulders were there for us to cry on, to uplift us when we were down, and to also play pool chicken fight on. So thank you for being the Mr. Mom when we needed it most.

Thank you to the major can't-catch-a-breaker

If anyone has endured the cursed domino effect of drastic events, it's you. But if anyone has been able to bounce back like a tennis ball on steroids, it's also you. Thank you for finding the light and God in every tragedy, in every seemingly unfair situation, because it taught me the importance of resilience. Reaction and mindset are the keys to greatness. Thank you, even though you're a can't-catch-a-breaker, you made me realize that without pain, wisdom cannot be gained.

Thank you for making me the woman I am today

And for making me a spitting image of you. The perfectionism and obsessive-compulsive behaviors are bittersweet, but I'm happy to have acquired the hard working, ambitious, yet sometimes overly goofy Steve genes. Soon I'll be able to help alleviate your shoulder pain by taking my own world onto my shoulders. Your life lessons, sacrifices, and support prepared me for the "real world." I appreciate your pure soul daily and would stay in to watch Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives any Friday night with you.

In my family, Father's Day is every day. Then what makes today different? Probably just the signature at the bottom of the dinner bill. (And don't worry, there's also a Home Depot gift card included with this article).