This is one of the hardest things I have ever written but I have spent most of my teenage and young adulthood fearful of what could happen to me, because of you. So, here's what I wish I could have said if you or anyone around you had taken the time to listen to me.

For me, it was about principles. All my memories of you are absolutely tainted in a horrible light, because you showed me you don't have remorse to say whatever you feel is right, you let your own ego get in the way of every single relationship. Even the one with your own daughter.

You compromise feeling for what you feel is factual, forgetting or maybe catapulting past what it truly means to have said or done the things you feel are appropriate. I wish you could've done better for both of our sakes.

The things that hurt me the most are what you'll never know or see me do, I never felt safe inviting you to anything because I never knew what was going to happen. That instability cost us more than you could've ever tried repairing, even if you ever had.

I never wanted anything from you, I never asked for more money than what was originally offered. Nobody did. It was never about the money for me, it was never about the money for anyone else but you.

Finally, I was always my own person. My thoughts are unequivocally my own in, at least, the subject of paternal rights, you have never been someone I wanted to guide and care for me.

At least, I hope now that you legally have no reason to have a tie to me, you can afford the things you feel you never got in life. I know you feel as if I cheated you out of something, but I was just your kid, that's all. Here's to hoping all involved will now be happier without each other.