College Students Love Fast Food So Choose From These 16 Fast Food Restaurants To Decide Your Major

College Students Love Fast Food So Choose From These 16 Fast Food Restaurants To Decide Your Major

Because college kids and fast food really are pretty darn similar

Let's be real, college is hard and stressful and, therefore, college students LOVE fast food. The thing is, the fast food we all know and love can hold some striking similarities to our college majors. So take an introspective look at your favorite fast food and you might just find your new college major!

1. Chipotle - Environmental Studies

Let's be real, everything about Chipotle is semi-hippie. The furniture is minimal and not comfortable AT ALL, and the food is all organic and non-GMO. However, Chipotle is also sorta problematic, due to the E-coli scares and even rats found in one restaurant. It looks nice on paper, but it has some pretty major oversights.

2. In-N-Out - Graduated early

I don't know what their major was, but they were IN-N-OTTA THERE.

3. McDonald's - Economics

Whether you love or hate the Golden Arches, this company has made BANK selling a product that is (sorry) not that special. You don't have to love it, but you gotta respect the hustle.

4. Arby’s - On the football team

I'm not even sure if they know their major, but at least they "got the meat."

5. Wendy’s - Elementary Education

What kid doesn't love Wendy's?! There are 50-cent Frostys and chicken nuggets. This is the American Dream. Also, Wendy is BY FAR the friendliest fast food mascot. Sorry Chick-Fi-A, McDonald's, and Chuck-E-Cheese, but your mascots are SCARY and 100% give kids more nightmares than joy.

6. Shake Shack - Biology/Pre Med

This chain is fancy, crazy successful in all major cities, and not cheap. Medical school is not cheap, but wow, it is worth it when you're saving lives and can afford a beach house.

7. Cookout - Communications

Everyone loves Cookout, and everyone loves Communications majors. They are personable and great storytellers, AND $5 for a tray of food doesn't give you any enemies. Also, Cookout is sneaky AF and hides "God Bless America" and a bible verse on their cups. That is a total Communications move.

8. Chick-Fil-A - Religious Studies

It's no secret that Chick-Fil-A hasn't stayed secular, and that's totally okay. Religious freedom and Chicken Minis? SIGN ME UP!

9. Sonic - English

Sonic's menu is hella creative, just like an English major. Nerd's Slushies? Who thinks of such a thing??? English majors, that's who!

10. Starbucks - Business

It's the Twenty-First Century, so let's be real. All major business deals, interviews, and hard-core study sessions go down in a Starbucks.

11. Subway - Exercise Science

Who eats fresh? Exercise Science majors, that's who.

12. Dunkin' Donuts - Psychology

The body is run by the brain and America runs on Dunkin’

13. Domino’s Pizza - Nursing

The party revolves around pizza, and so does our health care system. Thanks, Nursing majors!

14. Taco Bell - Undecided

Sometimes I'm not sure Taco Bell knows what it is either. It has definitely moved past Mexican food (Dorito Tacos. Need I say more?). But hey, that's okay. College is what discovering yourself is for!

15. Jimmy Johns - Math

They can do math problems "freaky fast."

16. Ben and Jerry's - Political Science

Ok, this isn't really a fast food restaurant, but this company has been promoting political activism since the very beginning, and there is no other company that is more of a political science major. If Ben and Jerrys EVER open a fast food restaurant, I'll be first in line.

Cover Image Credit: Abigail Rose Fuller

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7 Truths About Being A Science Major


Whether your major is Human Bio, Chemistry, Neuroscience or any other that deals with a lot of numbers, theories, experiments and impossibly memorizing facts, you know the pressures of pursuing a career in this field. So without further ado, here are seven truths about being a science major:

1. There is no “syllabus week.”

Coming back to college in the fall is one of the best times of the year. Welcome week has become most students' favorite on-campus holiday. But then you have syllabus week: another widely celebrated week of no responsibilities… Unless you’re a science major that is. While your other friends get to enjoy this week of getting to know their professors and class expectations, you get to learn about IUPAC nomenclature of alkanes on the first day of organic chem.

2. Your heart breaks every time you have to buy a new textbook.

Somehow every professor seems to have their own “special edition” textbook for class… And somehow it’s always a couple hundred bucks… And somehow, it's ALWAYS required.

3. Hearing "attendance is not mandatory," but knowing attendance is VERY mandatory.

Your professor will tell you that they don’t take attendance. Your professor will put all lecture slides online. Your professor will even record their lectures and make those available as well. Yet if you still don’t go to class, you’ll fail for sure. Coming into lecture after missing just one day feels like everyone has learned an entire new language.

4. You’re never the smartest person in your class anymore.

No matter what subject, what class or what concentration, there will always be someone who is just that much better at it than you.

5. You get totally geeked out when you learn an awesome new fact.

Today in genetics you learned about mosaicism. The fact that somebody can have a disease in part of their total body cells but normal throughout all others gets you so hype. Even though you know that your family, friends and neighbors don’t actually care about your science facts, you HAVE to tell them all anyways.

6. There is never enough time in a day.

You are always stuck choosing between studying, eating, sleeping and having fun. If you're lucky, you'll get three of these done in one day. But if you're a risk taker, you can try to do all of these at once.

7. You question your major (and your sanity) almost daily.

This is especially true when it’s on a Tuesday night and you’ve already consumed a gallon of Starbucks trying to learn everything possible before your . Or maybe this is more prevalent when you have only made it through about half of the BioChem chapter and you have to leave for your three hour lab before your exam this afternoon. Regardless, you constantly wonder if all the stress is actually worth it, but somehow always decide that it is.

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Saying "No" Is OK

It is okay to put yourself first and do what's best for you


It's that time of year again when your days are filled with nothing but class, work, assignments, clubs, extracurricular activities and much more. Your time and brain are going in every possible direction. But what if it didn't have to be that way? What if letting go, actually gave you something back? That's right, I am talking about the word no and all it can do for you.

I too, fall into the trap of doing more is better. Having all my time devoted to activities or work is good for me. Taking nineteen plus credits hours somehow makes me a better person, even smarter person. Well, I hate to break it you, and me, that this thought process is extremely detrimental.

There are no rules that say we must do everything and anything. If there are, they are wrong. And that's why saying no is so important.

Currently, I am taking nineteen credit hours. Soon, I am going to make sure that it is sixteen. After the first week of classes, I discovered I was in a class that would provide me with a wonderful education, but it was not counting towards my major. After thinking about it long and hard, I decided that it would be best to say no to this particular class.

Before this year, I would have said, it's okay (even if it wasn't) and muster through the class. To the old me, dropping a class would be like quitting, but I cannot even begin to tell you, and me, how far from the truth that is.

Saying no is brave. Saying no is the right thing to do. Saying no allows you to excel in other areas. Because I have decided to say no, I am opening two more hours in my day. I am relieving myself of work and projects that would add to my already hectic schedule. I am doing what is best for me.

However, there is a part two to this no phenomenon. Continuing with my example, I now have two open hours in my week. The overachiever in me would try to find something to fill it. Maybe another club or activity. Maybe more hours at work or a place to volunteer. And while none of these are bad things to do or have in your life, you are just replacing a time taker with another. When you say no, mean it and don't fill it.

This is your year to say no. Not because you are lazy. Not because you aren't smart enough. Not because you can't. Say no because it is best for you. Say no because it frees you. Say no because you can!

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