College Students Love Fast Food So Choose From These 16 Fast Food Restaurants To Decide Your Major

College Students Love Fast Food So Choose From These 16 Fast Food Restaurants To Decide Your Major

Because college kids and fast food really are pretty darn similar

Let's be real, college is hard and stressful and, therefore, college students LOVE fast food. The thing is, the fast food we all know and love can hold some striking similarities to our college majors. So take an introspective look at your favorite fast food and you might just find your new college major!

1. Chipotle - Environmental Studies

Let's be real, everything about Chipotle is semi-hippie. The furniture is minimal and not comfortable AT ALL, and the food is all organic and non-GMO. However, Chipotle is also sorta problematic, due to the E-coli scares and even rats found in one restaurant. It looks nice on paper, but it has some pretty major oversights.

2. In-N-Out - Graduated early

I don't know what their major was, but they were IN-N-OTTA THERE.

3. McDonald's - Economics

Whether you love or hate the Golden Arches, this company has made BANK selling a product that is (sorry) not that special. You don't have to love it, but you gotta respect the hustle.

4. Arby’s - On the football team

I'm not even sure if they know their major, but at least they "got the meat."

5. Wendy’s - Elementary Education

What kid doesn't love Wendy's?! There are 50-cent Frostys and chicken nuggets. This is the American Dream. Also, Wendy is BY FAR the friendliest fast food mascot. Sorry Chick-Fi-A, McDonald's, and Chuck-E-Cheese, but your mascots are SCARY and 100% give kids more nightmares than joy.

6. Shake Shack - Biology/Pre Med

This chain is fancy, crazy successful in all major cities, and not cheap. Medical school is not cheap, but wow, it is worth it when you're saving lives and can afford a beach house.

7. Cookout - Communications

Everyone loves Cookout, and everyone loves Communications majors. They are personable and great storytellers, AND $5 for a tray of food doesn't give you any enemies. Also, Cookout is sneaky AF and hides "God Bless America" and a bible verse on their cups. That is a total Communications move.

8. Chick-Fil-A - Religious Studies

It's no secret that Chick-Fil-A hasn't stayed secular, and that's totally okay. Religious freedom and Chicken Minis? SIGN ME UP!

9. Sonic - English

Sonic's menu is hella creative, just like an English major. Nerd's Slushies? Who thinks of such a thing??? English majors, that's who!

10. Starbucks - Business

It's the Twenty-First Century, so let's be real. All major business deals, interviews, and hard-core study sessions go down in a Starbucks.

11. Subway - Exercise Science

Who eats fresh? Exercise Science majors, that's who.

12. Dunkin' Donuts - Psychology

The body is run by the brain and America runs on Dunkin’

13. Domino’s Pizza - Nursing

The party revolves around pizza, and so does our health care system. Thanks, Nursing majors!

14. Taco Bell - Undecided

Sometimes I'm not sure Taco Bell knows what it is either. It has definitely moved past Mexican food (Dorito Tacos. Need I say more?). But hey, that's okay. College is what discovering yourself is for!

15. Jimmy Johns - Math

They can do math problems "freaky fast."

16. Ben and Jerry's - Political Science

Ok, this isn't really a fast food restaurant, but this company has been promoting political activism since the very beginning, and there is no other company that is more of a political science major. If Ben and Jerrys EVER open a fast food restaurant, I'll be first in line.

Cover Image Credit: Abigail Rose Fuller

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Patience Is More Important Than A 4-Year Degree

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Yes, classes can be cool and informative. Yes, you can learn a lot from your professors. But how much of what you learn in the classroom directly relates to what you'll be doing for a living? Unless you're going to med school, probably not much. Do any internship, talk to any person in a company that you want to work for, and they'll all tell you the same thing – what you went through to earn your 4-year certificate to work is only 5% of what you need to do the job.

You need hard skills, which are things that directly translate into your performance as a worker. You need people skills, aka "well yes this person is certainly qualified to do the job, but am I going to enjoy being in an office with them for 40 hours per week or more?" Most importantly, however, I think you need patience.

College students are under so much pressure in the 18-25 age range to have our lives completely figured out. If we don't, then the older generation and even our peers like to frame us as failures. In reality, less than one percent of us know what we want to do for the rest of our lives and we try painting a picture on social media and construct great narratives in person to make it seem as if we know what we're doing. Why can't we emphasize patience as it is a powerful virtue?

We get so caught up in other's expectations of us that we forget that we are only in the first quarter of our lives, and we have the entire ball game to go (thanks @garyvee for that line). Why do people get so bent out of shape when we're not even at halftime? Patience is incredibly important to learn, both for your mental health and ability to perform. Most of what you learn to do your job will be learned while on the job, so stressing out about grades shouldn't be your top priority. Yes, making good grades is optimal, but employers will be more impressed with what you've managed to do aside from earning your grades in school.

Most of us at this age are going to be able to work until we are in our 70s easily (thanks to healthcare and technology). This means we have 40-50 really good years of production in us. It took the best basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan, seven years to win his first title. If Jordan was patient enough to go seven years being the greatest player, then you can stay patient for a few years to figure out what you love to do and become great at it. Four years in college is nothing in relation to your entire career, especially when the value of those four years doesn't come from your classes, but instead your connections.

Our greatest weakness in this generation is our lack of patience and perspective. It becomes a dangerous thing when we have a loaded resume, have ample skills, a great personality, awesome work ethic, but still think we are failures because we don't have a job or aren't entirely sure of where we're going with our lives. If you're that college student (and trust me, I was for a long time), finding your patient side and gaining that perspective on life will help you go a lot further than sweating the small stuff.

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