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10 Fashion Trends That Need To DIE In 2019

Or, My Salty Rant On Fashion

10 Fashion Trends That Need To DIE In 2019

Ranging from the impractical to eyesore, here are ten of my least favorite trends still alive from the 2018/19 Winter season. Again, these are just my opinions. Fashion, like art, is subjective. This post is angry in humor, and though I do actually dislike all of these, I hope you don't take offense at my list. There are plenty of things I like that other people would burn. In turn, I'm entitled to rant about the atrocious trends I see around. Here's the list of trends that I hate, hope you enjoy!

1. Plastic Clothing

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Just plain impractical. The main points of clothing are to be flattering, keep warm, and cover modestly. Plastic does none of these things. Having see-through pants, jackets, and coats don't keep you comfortable but turns sweaty and gross really easily. It's also unnecessary because you have to wear clothing under it, to keep it modest. Most of the time, this trend feels like a futuristic sci-fi fashion, not the fashion of 2019. Finally, it's not flattering because the pieces you see don't shape your body, but just show everything.

2. Straight-leg jeans (Especially light wash)

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I don't actually hate these, but I know I don't love them, either. It all depends on what style they are. My problem is that they're unflattering, and were a trend probably older than the person wearing them.

3. Wrong-size sweatshirt

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Sweatshirts on their own aren't bad, and I love lounging around or going out in public in my sweatshirts. My problem is oversized sweatshirts that are pretty much dresses, or when you have them cut off at the midriff. Oversized sweatshirts look like they're an old style, and are entirely outdated.

4. Hipster glasses

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This trend I was really confused at. Seeing people—who don't need glasses to function--wear glasses that look like something from a 1960s or '70s photo was really confusing, and actually physically hurt a little. The glasses in question aren't as cute as other style glasses, are so big they block half the face, and make someone look like they stepped out of your grandparents' yearbook.

5. Balenciaga Triple-S shoes

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High end does not mean it looks good. This style of sneakers aren't bad...if you're in the third grade. In fact, I think one of my best friends had a really similar pair of sneakers when she was nine years old too. My problem with these isn't the style. IT's how they're used. They're shown in formal dress, as if the sneakers too, are formal wear. However, I would barely wear these with a casual outfit, they're definitely not my style.

6. Buying because it's a more expensive brand

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While this is not an actual fashion trend, it is a trend that I see happening all the time. People buy things because the object is expensive, or because it's "trendy". Dress to who you are, not to what other people say look cute (This includes expressions of this post. If you like a trend, go ahead and wear it, of course).

7. Wide-leg jumpsuit

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This is not completely hideous, and can be flattering and cute, but most jumpsuits make the wearers look like super-sized giants. Especially on taller girls, this trend looks kinda awkward, and like the person is walking on stilts.

8. Ankle jeans

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Ankle jeans are typically more flattering than the straight-leg jean, but I still dislike them. Whenever I wear jeans that stop at my ankle, it's because I bought the wrong size pair…and to me, that's what they all look like. I get that it's a style, but it's one I'll gladly step away from.

9. Poof sleeves

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Poof sleeves were the epitome of '90s style, and were a style that I always disliked. I think that it was cute on kids back then, but we should let it go now. I mean, you remember hating the outfit that your mom would pose you in for pictures, right? This is just the big-kid version of that, and why would you choose to wear that?

10. Fanny packs...

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This list is not ordered in value of kinda bad to horrid, but if it were, fanny packs wouldn't lose their place in line. Fanny packs are the utmost in horrid trends that need to die. Something I've seen with a lot of these trends is that we're "going back". From the 1960's hipster glasses to the early 2000-something light wash jeans, we're trying to relight old trends that died for a reason. This trend has been caught and pushed on by brands like Gucci and Brandy Melville, and I kinda want to scream. Fanny packs began back in the '80s, but were popular when I was a kid, too, in the early 2000's. It was my least favorite trend in 2007, and it's my least favorite trend now.

I am by no means a fashion expert. I am, however, entitled to my opinion, and to rant about the clothing trends that have recently regurgitated themselves into 2019 horror. Again, if you like the trend, go ahead and wear it. You're entitled to your opinion like I am mine. WHIle I personally despise most of these with a passion, that means I won't wear them, not that you can't. Go on and rock whatever style and color wardrobe you want, that's your own style!

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