10 Fall Fashion Faux Pas And How To Avoid Them
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Make Sure Your Closet Is Up To Date To Avoid These 10 Fall Fashion Faux Pas

Instead of Uggs, try moccasins for a pair of warm and cozy shoes that are cuter, cheaper, and made of more humanely sourced materials.

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Ah, fall. Time for haunted hayrides, PSLs, and, best of all, autumnal fashion.

With fall being a transitional season, the potential outfit combos are practically endless, yet we all still have some of those outdated pieces in our wardrobe that we cling onto and wear out of obligation. Instead of hanging on to that sweater you bought in the eighth grade that you don't even really like but you wear anyways, donate it or find a way to re-purpose it to make way for new pieces that will seriously upgrade your wardrobe.

Disclaimer: If you happen to love an art of clothing mentioned in this article, then by all means, keep wearing it! Rules are made to be broken, and if you're able to style a piece some may consider "unstylish," then more power to you.

1. Uggs

OK, Uggs were always something I loathed with a burning passion, so I may be a bit biased on this one. For starters, Uggs just look unattractive, almost like giant, thick socks rather than a pair of boots. While I have never owned a pair of Uggs myself because I couldn't see the appeal, I've been told they are extremely warm and comfortable, so if you're having a lazy day most people will give you a pass. But, if you're trying to look cute for a fall function, a pair of Uggs may not be the best move. Uggs are also infamous for their exorbitant price tags and their usage of sheepskin for their furry insides, so if you are in the market for a new pair of comfy shoes, you may want to look elsewhere. Instead of Uggs, try moccasins for a pair of warm and cozy shoes that are cuter, cheaper, and made of more humanely sourced materials.

2. Printed leggings

Remember in 2014 when printed leggings were all the rage? Animal prints, emojis, and most popular of all, galaxy print leggings basically became a staple in every middle and high schooler's wardrobes. But that's exactly the problem. These pants, although comfortable and fun, look a bit tacky and childish on anyone over the age of 16. Leggings aren't going anywhere anytime soon, but newer styles featuring cutouts and mesh rather than jarring colors and patterns offer a way to express yourself in a more mature and sophisticated way while working out or lounging around.

3. Slouchy bags

It almost doesn't matter how much money you spend on a giant, slouchy bag, it's going to end up looking cheap. The lack of structure to the bag ensures that the bag will look lumpy the instant you put your belongings in it and that material will wrinkle as well. No one wants to carry around a huge clunky bag around anyways unless they absolutely have to, and if you must, a structured backpack made out of a faux leather or suede material will hold its shape better and will be much less awkward to lug around. Also, the additional compartments will make finding your keys or your wallet a lot easier rather than just tossing everything into one large sack. If you don't have much to carry, switch out your large bag for a smaller crossbody bag instead.

4. Skater skirts

Skater skirts aren't bad necessarily, they're just boring and overdone at this point. They had their heyday a couple years ago and they no longer add much interest to an outfit. For an edgier look, try a skater skirt made out of a different material such as velvet or a structured A-line denim, corduroy, or faux leather skirt. These skirts can be styled in similar ways and still serve as great transitional pieces, but they just make more of a statement than your run-of-the-mill black skater skirt.

5. Statement costume jewelry

You know that old saying "when you look in the mirror, take off one accessory"? Well, large statement costume jewelry should be the first thing you reach for. As far as accessories go, bigger is not always better and colorful bubble necklaces just tend to look cheap and tacky. The worst part is, these pieces can be kind of pricey, often landing in the mid-twenty dollar range depending on the number of stones and how large they are. Dainty jewelry is all the rage right now, and if you still want to wear lots of jewelry try layering multiple smaller necklaces or purchasing silver or gold statement necklaces which go with practically everything and are more classic.

6. Printed cardigans

We all love a good cardigan. You can throw it on if the temperature drops outside and easily take it off if you get too hot during the fall season. However, the southwestern trend that became popular a few years ago has come and gone and it has taken Aztec-printed cardigans with it. I personally always felt this cardigan style looked a bit matronly anyways. If you don't want to give up outerwear that has a bit of extra personality, opt for embroidered denim, bomber, or leather jackets.

7. Slouchy boots

A lot of my issues with slouchy boots are the same as my issues with slouchy bags. They're often way overpriced, but because of their lack of structure they wrinkle in weird ways and can become cheap-looking over time. They also make your legs look shorter and stumpier than they actually are, especially if they don't have a sizable heel. The knee and thigh-high boot trends are beginning to fade away in favor of ankle booties, so if you wanted to purge some taller boots from your closet, slouchy boots are probably a safe bet.

8. Cowl neck sweaters

OK, is it just me, or do these things just look freakin' weird? Unless you're constantly adjusting the neckline of your sweater, you're bound to have your cowl neck flop into some unflattering position that makes it look sort of like a giant neck tumor. Alright, I may be over-exaggerating a bit on this one, but if you still want to keep your neck warm and covered-up, try trading in your cowl necks for a more streamlined turtleneck.

9. Ripped-up jeans

I feel like I sound like my grandmother when I say this but, some jeans these days look like they went through a couple trips in a paper shredder. I'm all for a tasteful rip-in-the-knee moment or a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans, but, seriously, if more of your leg is exposed than is covered up by your pants, you may want to reconsider. You get bonus points if your jeans are acid-wash, have holes near the butt, or have giant rectangles cut out of them exposing three-quarters of your leg.

10. Infinity Scarves

Ah, infinity scarves, the precise quintessence of fall, so you may be surprised as to why they made this list. Infinity scarves are fine, but they're nothing to really write home about. And, the worst part is, you can only wear them one of two ways: wrapped around your neck once or, you guessed it, wrapped around your neck twice. A lack of versatility are infinity scarves' greatest offense, and with the resurgence of blanket scarves, there are better options on the market. Blanket scarves can be worn as a traditional scarf, draped over your shoulders, or even tied and made into an infinity scarf in a pinch if you still miss the style. All this versatility at the same price as an infinity scarf? I'm sold.

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