How Instagram Influencers Impact The Fashion Industry
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Instagram Is The New Black

Exploring the glory of Instagram influencers and how much of an impact they really have on the fashion industry.

Instagram Is The New Black

Remember those perfectly untouched clothing catalogs that used to arrive in your mailbox every month or so? Brimming with the brand's unique way of enticing their consumers to purchase their clothes, I certainly couldn't get enough of them. From Limited Too to Victorias Secret, I was a ten-year-old with a serious passion for fashion. Today, audiences everywhere are able to keep up with trends in a different way, as social media platforms such as Instagram gain some serious popularity.

With the worlds ever growing dependence on smartphones and social media, it is only expected that we become influenced by the content that we see on a day to day basis. In fact, in some cases, it's the main idea. And I am almost positive that you know exactly what I am talking about. Instagram influencers are making their way into the world of fashion and merchandising at an alarming rate. Whether you love the 'gram, or prefer an older fashioned platform, these content creators are really out here promoting an entirely new perspective on the way that we view fashion.

As magazines and catalogs display a single way in which an article of clothing can be worn, Instagram users might be able to suggest over 100 different approaches. Social media has become one of the most profitable marketing tools in the industry due to its extreme efficiency in reaching mass audiences. When a specific brand partners with a prominent social figure, something very beautiful happens. A unique advertisement reaches the eyes of millions in a matter of minutes, inspiring admirers to create a similar look. The model or influencer is paid to post an Instagram dressed in the provided clothing or brand. With the click of a button or following a simple swipe- up feature, the viewer is able to purchase the exhibited pieces. Not only does this tactic create revenue, but it also tells the brand what is trending and what is not based solely on Instagram feedback.

This fast-paced development of social media is perfectly suited for the ambitious folk of the fashion industry. Now, entire labels are formed through Instagram. I was able to discover and purchase items from brands like I.AM.GIA, Fiorucci, Realisation Par, and other unique shops that I would have never known about if it wasn't for Instagram. Brands like these are able to make a bigger name for themselves through their social media presence.

Personally, I find heaps of inspiration while hopping through influencer accounts. I'll usually just save the images of whatever items that I like best, or I'll impulsively end up buying them on the spot. Once you find your favorite content creators, it is only natural that you will begin to mimic them in certain ways because, well, they look really cool in what they do. Some influencers gain followers with the help of aesthetically pleasing posts and color schemes, while others succeed in offering advice on what to wear/ what looks good. It all comes together as consumers are able to customize what they see in accordance with who they follow. Another important factor to consider is the comfort that comes along with being candid. Many well-recognized influencers probably weren't super famous, to begin with. Unlike industry recruited fashion models, we can better relate with those who create a name for themselves, by themselves.

With less of a need for connections, the spark up of self-made influencers is at an all-time high. And honestly, it's really inspiring. Thanks to Instagram, shopping our favorite brands through our favorite people has never been easier and foreshadows a future of monumental influential power.

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