The Visor: It's Back, And It's Partially Shading The Heads Of Men Near And Far
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The Visor: It's Back, And It's Partially Shading The Heads Of Men Near And Far

The Visor: It's Back, And It's Partially Shading The Heads Of Men Near And Far

Style: A popular Taylor Swift song or the reason every pair of cargo shorts on the planet should be burned? Either way, it’s important, but today let’s talk fashion (sorry, Tay). I know how hard it is to keep up with today’s trends, trust me, I just recently donated my Crocs to Goodwill. Lucky for you, my beloved reader, I’m here to keep you in the know. There is a not-so-new but definitely improved trend that is resurfacing slowly but surely. It’s the perfect noggin accessory if you’re trying to shade your face but still get a little head tan, and it’s suitable for both men and women. It’s the visor, it’s back, and it’s partially shading the heads of frat boys near and far. I may not be a professional fashionista, but when it comes to this trend, let me be your primary ad-VISOR.

Hats are interesting accessories. They are made to cover our hair, but we love hair. I like to think my face is pretty, but without these strings on my head, I might have a few less Instagram followers (@madisonm3795). Heck, dads buy a new car upon the loss of a few follicles, so why not cherish those luscious locks while you can? That’s the beauty of the visor. Rock your do and shade your face too! (Trademarking that one, so don’t even think about it, Nike). The era of flow and man buns is upon us, so rock two trends and the ladies may or may not flock your way.

Okay, so some random girl online is telling you to wear a topless hat. If you think about it, that’s weird and you should stop reading now, but you won’t, because I am not the only supporter of this trend. Take a look.

Oh yes, it’s Bradley Cooper. This American has been sniping hearts of ladies everywhere since the beginning of time, and he does it with the help of his trusty visor. This picture says, "despite wearing cargo pants, I still have style. Check out my visor and sick flow".

Next up is Bubba Watson. This left-handed professional golfer has won the Masters two times (that prize is about $1.5 million per win) and never thinks twice about doing it in style. The fact that he has so much talent and is extremely fashionable sort of softens the blow of his nickname being “Bubba."

Here we have head coach, Tim Beckman, of the University of Illinois football team. Now some of you may think that he shouldn’t be included on a list of “who to dress like” but let me tell you something, this guy is living the good life. As the highest-paid University of Illinois employee as well as the state of Illinois’ highest-paid employee, Tim has it made. His job may be difficult considering he has to deal with making plays, angry alumni who are shocked every year by our lack of wins, and being in charge of a program who has blessed us with the phrase “A drinking school with a football problem," but the guy gets to play a little Friday Night Lights every day and go home to his giant house and count his money. So, in reality, we all want to be him and the first step is adapting his style.

Finally, there’s this guy. I’m not going to lie and say I didn’t just type “Frat guy wearing visor” on Google images, because I definitely did, but the beauty of this photo overrules that. This guy has it all together. From being a patriot, having above average legs and rocking the barely buttoned shirt, to his awesome cooler, assertive drinking stance, and a little fashionable headgear to seal the deal, he encompasses cool. If this guy likes visors you should, too. (Note the alternative way of wearing fashion accessory)

Well, there you have it, folks. A few prime examples of why you too should a achieve greatness with something as simple as a half hat. The visor is a fashion symbol, a game changer, and a confidence booster, so go out there and velcro on some swag.

Also, here is a picture of my little brother and I rocking the highest level of style at Sea World circa 2003. Foreshadowing at its finest, ladies and gentlemen.

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