5 Things Farmers Wish Their Consumers Knew About Them

Unless you've grown up in or around the agriculture industry, it can seem like there's lots of information about modern farming floating around. Some information isn't so great. But, here are five things farmers want you as a consumer to know about our industry.

1. We aren't just in it for the money.

Farming honestly can be a hard way to make a living sometimes. Some years we rely on a whole lot of luck, and some years that luck falls short. Currently, dairy prices are at a record low, but producers are still trying their best to get by.

2. Most farms are still family owned.

There's a lot of misconception that farms are all owned and managed by major corporations and greedy businessmen. That's not the case. Ninety-seven percent of farms in the United States are still family owned and operated.

3. Don't believe everything you see online.

Chances are it comes from a biased and unreliable source. PETA is one such group that lives to slander farmers online.

4. We care about our land and our livestock.

Farmers stay up all night in the sub-zero temperatures helping birth new lambs. Farmers will turn down offers of thousands and thousands of dollars from building companies to preserve their land. Our livestock and our land are much more to us than business assets.

5. We care about you.

That's the whole reason we do this. We love to feed and clothe people. We love to help those who need it. We care about our consumers, no matter what some post online tries to say otherwise. We farm because we care.

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