Writing has always been a passion of mine. In high school, I published articles for the Norfolk Daily News. I never would have dreamed that in college I would still be expressing my thoughts, ideas, and annoyances through published articles. However, I was wrong. In August of 2016, the Odyssey found me. Since then, we’ve been expressing all over social media. As I am about to embark on my college graduation, I have decided it’s time to bid the Odyssey farewell and take a walk down memory lane with a recap on some of my favorite articles.

I have several articles that are near and dear to my heart, but that’s no surprise considering I wrote them. While taking a walk down memory lane and looking through my past articles, there is one article that tugged at my heart the most -- The Life Of A Farmer, as told by my dad. This is not my favorite article because it had the most views; it is my favorite because it speaks about one of my favorite people in the entire world. Farmers are very hardworking people, and this article shows that when you mix my dad and farming together, a lot of humor is the result.

On my walk through memory lane, another article jumped out at me. This article is one of my favorites because it talks about my all-time favorite part of the year: no, not Christmas or my birthday, but instead deer season. Deer Season: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year is a favorite of mine because in my family, deer season is a monumental holiday. When I reminisce on memories made with my family, 99% of them occurred during my favorite two weeks in November -- deer season. I’m so blessed to have a family who shares this popular pastime together, and I can’t wait for the many years to come.

It is evident that family plays an important role in my life; however, faith is also something I hold strong. With this being said, another article that clings near and dear to my heart is my article entitled God Has A Plan. Life is constantly changing, and good and bad are constantly occurring. During this time, I reach out to God and understand that He has a plan for me, and His plan will be great.

Not quite a year ago, Odyssey found me. It changed my life for the better. I was able to put my thoughts, ideas, and annoyances down on paper and express them to the world. However, none of this would have been possible without the support of the people who read my articles. Thank you, family and friends, for reading my articles, liking them, commenting on them, and sharing them every week. I will miss writing them, but I hope you’ll turn back to the ones I’ve already written and read them again.