With school officially almost coming to an end, it's time to face the reality that every junior has been trying to run away from. It's the reality of finally becoming a senior and going through the entire college applications process.

This year was exactly how everyone always says junior year will be: the most stressful year. Being loaded with APs, work, and the thought that college is right around the corner is always lingering in the back of my mind.

But, even with all the stress and nerve wracking thoughts about what the future holds, there were some really great stress-free moments. Whether it be hanging out with my friends or just sitting at home and watching movies with my family, there were a lot of great memories that were made this year.

Junior year is the year in which you're completely used to high school and know how everything works. It's the year in which you grow even closer to your best friends and even make new friends.

Now that I know I have officially only two semesters left of my entire high school career, I know that senior year will be a bittersweet feeling. It'll be so insanely hard to go separate ways from all my friends, but it will also be the year where we experience new things and learn how to do things independently.

Shoutout to my best friends for always sticking through the hardest times- you guys know who you are. We survived every twist and turn that life threw at us and grew stronger than ever, especially this year. This year we learned a lot of new things together and that everyone is their own kind of surprise. Balancing school and friends can get difficult sometimes, but together, as a team, our friendship not only got stronger, but made me realize that we're in this together for the long ride.

Junior year has been one crazy roller coaster. But, I wouldn't have asked for it any other way.