27 Fandom Inspired Graduation Cap Ideas
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27 Fandom Inspired Graduation Cap Ideas

From "Grey's Anatomy" to Marvel comics!

27 Fandom Inspired Graduation Cap Ideas
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I graduated from high school almost two years ago, which means that I spent many hours trying to figure out how to decorate my graduation cap. I wanted something fun and light-hearted but also very me! I hope that these fandom inspired graduation caps, inspired by "Grey's Anatomy," Marvel, Disney, and so on, give you some ideas!

Obviously, put your own twist on these ideas and be sure that it fits your high school or university's guidelines.

1. "Grey's Anatomy" Inspired: The Wall

Great idea, especially if you are graduating medical school.

2." Grey's Anatomy" Inspired: Carousel Quote

3. "Grey's Anatomy" Inspired: "It's a beautiful day to save lives."

The perfect way to announce what medical school you will be attending!

4. "Grey's Anatomy" Inspired: "Dance it out!"

If you are the type of person who has been dreaming of graduation but is starting to feel nostalgic... "dance it out" with the people you've known forever!

5. "Clueless" Inspired

One, "Clueless" is a cult classic. Two, how perfect is this for high school graduation!?

6. "Legally Blonde" Inspired

I will definitely be doing something like this when I graduate university before I go to law school!

7. "Star Wars" Inspired

8. "Spongebob" Inspired: Four Years Later...

9. "Spongebob" Inspired: "I'm Ready!"

For the people who have been ready for this day forever!

10. "Spongebob" Inspired: Boating School

11. "Hunger Games" Inspired: "Real or not real?"

12. "Hunger Games" Inspired: "May the odds be ever in your favor."

I saw some really cute variations of this one that said things like "may the jobs be ever in your favor," and "may the loans be ever in your favor," etc.

13. "Game of Thrones" Inspired: 2 Versions

These are great for announcing where you are going to school, especially if it's in a cold climate like Potsdam or if the school has a dragon mascot like Drexel.

14. "Game of Thrones" Inspired: Khaleesi

14. "Mean Girls" Inspired: "Fetch!"

Need I say more? I think not!

16. "Mean Girls" Inspired: "Get In Losers!"

So perfect, especially if you are driving to graduation with a car full of your friends!

17. "High School Musical" Inspired: "Breaking Free"

18. "High School Musical" Inspired: "This Was Nothing Like HSM!"

I'm sure that we can all agree that "High School Musical" and any other tv show or movie set in a high school gave us unrealistic expectations! Thanks a lot, Disney!

19. "Beauty & The Beast" Inspired: Adventures

When I graduated, all I could think about were all of the adventures that I could have now.

20: "Beauty & The Beast" Inspired: "It's Not A Tiara..."

Great for that girl who always dreamed of being a princess but who has had to settle for a graduation cap. Keep dreaming and maybe one day you can trade it in for a real tiara. Look at Ms. Meghan Markle!

21. "Mulan" Inspired

Would be great for any profession that saves people, but I immediately thought of someone joining the military because "Mulan," duh.

22. "Mulan" Inspired

This is stunning!

23. "Harry Potter" Inspired: Hermione Granger Smart

Perfect for the "Harry Potter" nerd who worked her ass off in school.

24. "Harry Potter" Inspired: Important Lessons

25. "Harry Potter" Inspired: Another Important Lesson

26. Marvel's Superheroes Inspired: Captain America

27. Marvel's Superheroes Inspired: Classic Comic Avengers

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