Ah, Vine... rest in peace. Younger, very much antisocial Jamie loved you to pieces. And because present, still very much antisocial Jamie lives in the past, she still loves you. And because I have nothing better to do with my time, here is a Q-and-A session to test how well you know these famous Vines for their iconic, silly, or just straight up weird content. Enjoy.

1. What is this young boy comparing himself to?

2. What day is it, my dudes?

3. What does he hope works ahead?

4. What's she doing?

5. What were they?

6. Why is Rebecca upset?

7. Why is he making a Kickstarter?

8. Why's he angry?

9. What can't Jared the 19-year-old do?

10. What can't Raven do?

11. Who blew the smoke?

12. Fill in the blank: "What is up ______!"

13. What kind of game does Trey have tomorrow?

14. What's he never gonna stop?

15. Where can you get FRE SHA VOCA DO?

16. Why can't she sit?

17. Why on Earth would he be an adult virgin?

18. Where is he welcoming you to?

19. What's he singing?

20. What did Marlene do to piss her off?

21. What got spilled in her Valentino bag?

22. What kind of girl does he want? (be specific)


23. What kind of boy does she like?

24. Oh My God, what's wrong with Miss Keisha?

25. What popular TV show is this Vine from?

26 What did he almost drop?

27. What country is she from, if not America?

28. What's she thicker than?

29. What do you have to do when there's too much drama at school?

30. Finally, how does she know what's good for her?

Well, I have a ton more, but I should stop...this is getting sad. Vine compilations take up at least an hour of my sleep. Did you get them all right? Awesome. Did you get them all wrong? Awesome. Should I be investing my free time into something more productive? Probably.