10 Of The Most Famous Haunted Locations In Michigan
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10 Of The Most Famous Haunted Locations In Michigan

Phantoms, apparitions, and spooks galore.

10 Of The Most Famous Haunted Locations In Michigan
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After reading my last article, "10 Of The Most Famous Hauntings In Ohio," some of my Michigan readers requested that I do an article about haunted places in Michigan. Seeing as I moved to Michigan just last year, I thought that it would be interesting to see what kinds of haunts are here; who knows I might even visit a few. So, here it is, the 10 most haunted places in Michigan. At the bottom of my article you will find some of the resources I used for my research, feel free to check them out for more information.

1. Mackinac Island (The Moral Re-Armament Building)

Home to over 100 ghosts, Mackinac Island is known as the most haunted place in Michigan. People say that even during the summer certain spots feel "cold" and just plain "off". The Moral Re-Armament building is said to be one of the most haunted buildings on Mackinac. One story in particular stands out. It's said that while the building was a four-year college, a young man had his heart broken and committed suicide in the woods outside of the school. He now roams the halls flirting with the ladies and pulling pranks on the guys.

2. River Raisin National Battlefield

Located in Monroe, Michigan, this is the site of one of the most horrific battles in 1812. There were 850 American troops housed here set to battle 500 British soldiers and then 500 Native Americans. It was a massacre. It's said that only 33 American's survived that day. Today, apparitions can be seen throughout the grounds, and often caught on film. Investigation teams have made their rounds to discover EVP's (electronic voice phenomenon) of voices, moans and cries, and sounds of battle.

3. Pere Cheney

Established in 1874, this ghost town is located just outside of Grayling, Michigan. Originally a booming lumber town, it fell to illness, and nearly all of its members died leaving only about 20 people who fled to surrounding towns. Now all that remains of the town is a cemetery and the legends surrounding it. Some say that the land was stolen form the Potawatomi tribe and that the tribe cursed the land, others say that it was the doing of the witch. People report seeing lights in the trees, shadowy figures and hearing the laughter of children. They also say that when they return to their vehicles they find dusty little hand prints all over their cars.

4. Eloise

Located in Westland, Michigan, this building, also known as the Wayne County Poor House, was built in 1839. It originally covered 902 acres of land and consisted of 70 buildings. In its hay-day, Eloise was an asylum for the mentally ill and some say their screams can still be heard. People have found their way inside of these buildings and have reported seeing apparitions, hearing voices, screams and the moans of spirits.

5. Old City Orphanage

Located in Marquette, Michigan, this orphanage has a gruesome story to tell. It's believed that the nuns who ran the orphanage were violently abusive toward the children, and would us extreme measures of punishment. One story claims that one of the little girls went out to play in a snow storm in the middle of the night, she got pneumonia and died. So, the nuns put her body on display as a warning to the other children. They say that you can hear the screams of the children, and see lights floating from one window to the next at night.

6. Olivet College

Founded in 1844 in beautiful Olivet, Michigan, Olivet College is said to be the home of many ghosts, though no one knows why they're there. A few examples of the hauntings are the apparitions who walk through walls, and the objects that seemingly move on their own. In Shepard's Hall, phantom music can be heard; piano music also comes from the conservatory. They say that Dole Hall is the most haunted place on campus because beneath its floors once laid a cemetery.

7. The Masonic Temple Detroit

Built in 1912, this building consist of over 1,000 rooms, secrets staircases, concealed passages and hidden spaces under the floors. George Mason went bankrupt financing this incredible temple, losing everything, including his wife. Overwhelmed by his loss he jumped to his death from the temple roof. Today security says that they see his ghost walking up the stairs to the roof. There are said to be an overabundance of cold spots, shadowy phantoms and slamming doors as well.

8. The Henderson Castle

Located in Kalamazoo and built in 1895, this now endearing B&B caters to both the living and the dead. Home to several ghosts, days and nights are filled with interesting happenings there. The castle is said to be home to the original owners, Frank and Mary Henderson, a Spanish-American war vet, a little girl and a dog. They speak through unplugged radios, taps on people's shoulders and dress in period clothing. Ellen Creager from the "Detroit Free Press" said she heard a woman's voice telling her to "Go Away" in the middle of the night.

9. Saginaw Art Museum

Built in the early to mid 1800's, this historic building has a very long history. Employees have reported a lot of activity after the doors have been closed for the night. They have reported heavy breathing, figures brushing past them in the halls, voices and a feeling of being watched. One ghost enjoys typing on an old typewriter in one of the upstairs offices, and another enjoys throwing books at people.

10. Rotary Park

Located in Livonia, Michigan, this park seems quiet enough with swings, nature trails through the woods and a picnic area; it's the perfect place to take your family during the day. At night, however, it's a different story. People say that a group of grizzly murders took place here, that a man killed several little girls in the woods. Now you can hear odd noises, hear the scream of little children and even see the apparitions of little girls in white dresses.

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