To The Family Pet That Changed My Childhood

April 11th is National Pet Day, and pets are an instrumental aspect of everyday life.

If you were lucky, you got the chance of having a pet during your childhood. I remember pleading my parents to get a dog for as long as I can remember. Then, when I was 7, the best thing ever happened to me.

Throughout my life, my parents took in misfit pets. We would always happen into animals that other people would pawn off on us until they got too old. We had a few pets here and there, but I had never had a true, consistent pet.

One day, my family went to the local flea market on a weekend. I did not want to spend my weekend walking around a stupid flea market in the Florida heat. But then, we stumbled upon the puppies.

Among all of the dogs, there was one puppy that stood out. There was one little puppy that's legs were just a little too long for his body, and his eyes were a little cross eyed.

He was perfect.

After crying and convincing, my dad was on board. One hot day in August was the best day of my little life. We brought home this adorable puppy named Charlie. Little did we know he would become a giant part of our family.

As a child, a pet teaches you so much. There's responsibility of having to take care of a pet, even though my mom did most of the work. You have to understand that a dog needs to be fed, cared for, let out to go to the bathroom, and washed.

A pet also teaches you unconditional love.

Nothing felt better than coming home from a bad day at school to a dog that was so excited to see you. Charlie has always been a good boy, and he is still our family dog. I love nothing more than coming home once a month from college to Charlie. He'll sit with me on the couch, he will lay in bed with me when he knows I'm sad, and he will still try and play with me in the backyard 13 years later.

To my favorite dog,

I know you've only been a part of my life, but I hope that we've made your whole life amazing. You've brought so much love and life to our family, and we wouldn't be the same without you. You are so loving and sweet, and have brought me comfort through all of the bad things that have happened. You've outlived lots of other dogs, and we're lucky to have had you as our lifelong best friend.

Thank you for being such a good boy.


The girl you grew up with.

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