How Quarantine Formal Fridays Changed My Family Bond Forever
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My Family Made Formal Fridays A Quarantine Tradition, And It Changed Our Bond Forever

My mom even pulled out her 1996 wedding dress.

My Family Made Formal Fridays A Quarantine Tradition, And It Changed Our Bond Forever
Caroline Boze

Fancy Friday seems to be a common phrase these days in my household. My family and I decided that we weren't going to miss out on our "restaurant nights" and being able to put on other clothes besides sweats. So, we decided each Friday, while we're still unable to go to a restaurant like normal, we will dress up in at least jeans and eat in the dining room.

It's been a great bonding time for our family, and it's been super fun to actually plan out outfits.

Even though we have nowhere to go besides the dining room, Fancy Fridays are something I look forward to each week. My sister's senior prom was supposed to be on April 17th and unfortunately has been postponed due to social distancing.

We decided that we would trade in our Fancy Friday to Formal Friday on April 16 so Lauren could have a little bit of a prom dinner experience. Instead of the usual jeans outfit or a simple dress, my mom, sister, and I decided to dress in our old formal dresses, and my dad wore jeans and still did his part for Formal Friday.

My sister wore a prom dress from the year before, and I also wore an old prom dress.

My mom, on the other hand, decided to pull out her wedding dress from 1996 when she and my dad got married.

It's been a common topic of conversation, for quite some time now, to get my mom in her wedding dress, and we were finally able to get her to do it. How fun it was for all of us to get in our formals all together! I haven't been in a super formal dress since my own prom four years ago, and it was such a blast to relive the glory days of prom.

While we just sat a few feet away from our kitchen table, it still felt like it was a formal event because we all made it feel that way. We dressed up, did our makeup and I even self-tanned for the event.

We, of course, had a photoshoot, and my mom and sister finally agreed to make a TikTok with me.

For me at least, it seems that we keep trying to find ways to still have good, quality fun while still social distancing. These times can get seemingly difficult to keep our social lives alive. Even though I'm around my family all the time during this, our Fancy Fridays have created a social atmosphere so that it doesn't seem like the same old thing we've been doing every single day.

I think it's important to think outside of the box always but especially now to maintain our mental health. Quarantine doesn't have to be all bad!

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