What is your favorite part of life?

Falling in love.

Even beyond just falling in love with a human being.

Falling in love with anything in your life. Falling in love with your life.

Falling in love with friends and new experiences.

The moment when you hear a new song on the radio and you immediately fall in love with it, and then constantly play it on repeat for the next month.

Falling in love with every season, the fall, the leaves, the trees, the snow, the flowers. Each season has something different to offer. Instead of being sad that one season is over, get excited for what this new one will bring with it. There are so many new adventures ahead of you that only this season has to offer. Take advantage of it. Love it. Enjoy the moment you’re in.

Falling in love with a book is one of my favorite things. When you become so consumed in this other world, and these other people’s lives. You are so invested in it that you feel you are a part of it. It is truly beautiful.

Falling in love with an animal, a pet or a bird you see every morning on your porch. How they in some shape or form depend on you. The thought that without you they wouldn’t be able to go on. The feeling of being needed and wanted is so comforting and so uplifting. It fills you with a purpose.

Falling in love with new places, habits, and colors. Everything is so new and so beautiful.

Falling in love, getting your heart broken, and then learning to love again.
It's beautiful. It's pure.

Falling in love with you and your life. Being able to look in mirror and be happy with the person who is staring back at you. Being able to understand that there is far more to yourself than just the reflection in that mirror. That there is love, compassion, generosity, adventure, purpose, attitude, wit, independence, and humanity beyond what the mirror can reveal. When you can do that, you can fall in love with the person who shares all those qualities.

Falling in love is such a fulfilling emotion.

It makes you whole and complete.

I love being in love.

It’s just lovely.