Everyone has a favorite season, or maybe you like every season. Winter is cold, but Christmas falls in winter and there is always a perfect opportunity to sit in front of the fire. In spring you have the switch back to warmer weather, along with flowers blooming. Summer is hot, most people tend to enjoy this after an extremely cold winter. There is also no school in summer, for those who are still in school, so it is very liked for that reason as well. Personally, my favorite season is fall, and here's why...

Fall in Indiana is absolutely beautiful with all of its pretty colors, sunshine, and leaves falling. It's the perfect opportunity for cute pictures because there is a lot less green atmosphere and a lot more reds, yellows, oranges, and browns surrounding us. Another great thing about this season is the absolutely perfect weather.... SWEATER WEATHER! The cozy and cute long sleeve tops that we all find ourselves in when it gets chilly. This is the prime time for style; ripped jeans, boots, layers, and so many more great outfits come together. Not only is fall a season for great fashion, but also a season that allows us gals to wear makeup without sweating it off within 5 minutes of being outside.

We can't forget all of the amazing food we get to eat this time of year. Firstly, pumpkin spice season. There is pumpkin spice coffee and baked goods all over the place just calling our names, irresistible, am I right? We can also enjoy soup, my personal favorite, along with many other hot foods that makes us feel all warm and toasty. Next we have apples, they're everywhere. Great for picking- which is a cute family activity or date idea- but also great for hot or cold cider. Other great comfort foods for this chilly time of year include mac n cheese, pie, mashed potatoes, pot roast, pumpkin bread, rise n rolls, and more.

Lastly, we have all of the fun activities to do with friends or use as date ideas. There are so many fun things to do, especially outside because you won't get too hot or too cold. Haunted houses and scary movies are a perfect way to have fun during spooky season, creating fear but also giving us lots of laughter and things to remember. Bonfires are a fun late night activity perfect for any fall night, roasting s'mores and talking by the fire is a good way for bonding. Finding a fall festival in your area or a corn maze to get lost in with your loved ones and work together to find the way out. As we all know, this is football season too. Even if you don't understand or don't like football, it's always something fun to just go out and do with friends and family, give it a try... you may end up liking it.

Whether fall is your favorite season or your least favorite season, here are some positive things about it along with some ideas of activities to do!