Best Things About Fall

5 Things To Fall For This Fall Season

Midterms are approaching but the fall aesthetic will ease the stress


There's nothing better than drinking hot chocolate curled up under a blanket on the couch. You turn on the T.V. and it's Thursday night football. It's the middle of the first semester and midterms are quickly approaching but here are 7 fall things to do to take your mind off of school.

1. Scary Movies


The best way to watch your favorite scary movie is through Amazon Prime Video. There's a wide variety of movies you can rent at low price. They have anything from serial killers to paranormal activity. This way you can really get into spooky season with your friends.

2. Pumpkin Picking

You can't go wrong with going pumpkin picking to carve your favorite scary faces in a pumpkin. Let's face it we all still have that little kid urge when it comes to carving pumpkins.

3. It's Finally Time for Pumpkin EVERYTHING 

Everywhere you look you see something with the word 'pumpkin' in it. It's something you can't get away from. Starting off your day with a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks will keep you alive in the library latter that night.

4. Fall Fashion

Take time and treat yourself with some retail therapy. Fall fashion is my favorite time of the year. You can dress bummy and still look cute. All you have to do is throw on an oversized sweater with leggings and boots. Floppy hats and big scarves are in this year.

5. Football

Football season is in full effect. Split you time on Sunday's between studying and watching football. You can finally feel ok about eating all of the chicken wing dip and not sharing with anyone.

There's nothing better than being able to relax after a long week of studying. Don't forget to sit down and take the edge off with a pumpkin spice latte this weekend!

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13 Things That Make Every Girl Think FALL

"Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons." - John Bishop

Fall is the stretch of time between the end of Summer and the beginning of Winter. The time when the leaves change and fall, when we trade in the flip flops and shorts for jeans and boots. The time when we leave behind the beach and the mixed drinks to enjoy long strolls through the park with a cup of warm cider. Fall is an exchange of venues –the beach for the football stadium, the lake for the farmer’s market. Fall is a time to settle down and soak up the scenery around us, the foliage and joy that comes with it. Here’s a look into all of the beautiful this season offers us.

1. The "cool but not too cool" weather

The weather from mid-September to the end of October is the best weather, especially when the breeze blows just right. Plus, you can still be outside and enjoy nature without hypothermia.

2. Falling leaves

Color, crunch, sight, and scent –we love them all. Oh, and jumping in the leaf pile, too.

3. Fall fashion

It’s short sleeves with a light jacket or the cute miniskirts and long shirts. It’s jeans and flannels. It’s khakis and shades of reds. It’s the dawn of gloves, scarves, and hat weather. It’s boots and, most importantly, sweater weather.

4. The "Fall" smell

Cinnamon, Pumpkin Spice, Grannysmith apple -----Bottle it up and slap a goddamn Yankee label on it!

5. Bonfire primetime

When you feel the warmth of the flames and bring out your internal caveman-discovering-fire face.

6. Return of the warm foods

Chicken Noodle soup, fresh baked apple pie ,and mom’s classic casseroles emerge once again. Your taste buds thank you.

7. Pumpkin picking

Some of the best memories (and Instagram-worthy pictures) come from the pumpkin patch. There’s no better feeling than the smooth, creviced, ripe-orange sitting in your hand. Don’t forget the cute little ones, too!

8. Halloween

Ah, Halloween. Dressing as something you're not with people you may or may not know. Fear coated in chocolate. Creepy pranks and jack-o-lanterns. And an endless loop of The Nightmare Before Christmas and Hocus Pocus.

9. Hot chocolate and snuggles

Some of you may save the hot cocoa till winter, but you cannot deny snuggles, even during Fall.

10. Hot cider (or Pumpkin Spice Lattes)

The best and only time to drink it.

11. The Farmer's Market

For most areas, Fall is the peak of farming season. Apples and pumpkins are limitless and the appetite for them seems never-ending.

12. Football season

*Cue NFL Theme Song*

Regardless of the team, their rank, or their class, Fall would not be defined without this sport. Metal bleachers, hot cider, cheering people, an intriguing marching band halftime show, and a [hopefully] great game to watch is part of what makes Fall the best season.

13. The feeling

This feeling isn't so obvious. It sneaks up on you in the peak of the season. It’s the perfect breeze in the stands with a Styrofoam cup of cider and a sunset setting behind the football stadium. It’s the after-party bonfire, the smell of the smoke and burnt marshmallows. It’s the smell of the air, the crunch of the leaves beneath your boots, the array of bright colors fading around you.

It's the magical feeling of Fall!

Cover Image Credit: Kristen McBride

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25 Activities You Must Add To Your Fall Bucket List This Year

Before we blink, it'll be next year.


Jot these down, sister, it is officially the best season of the year.

1. Make apple cider

2. Carve pumpkins

3. Go on a hayride 

4. Burn ​​ALL​​ the fall scented candles, girl

5. Make homemade caramel apples 

6. Watch Freeform's 31 nights of halloween 

7. Go through a corn maze with your BFF's 

8. Bake pumpkin bars/bread/pie/EVERYTHING pumpkin

9. Visit a haunted house 

10. Make a cozy playlist 

11. Toast pumpkin seeds

12. Create a gratitude jar 

13. Attend a farmers market for fall produce 

14. Cheer on your favorite football team


15. Shop those Black Friday deals

16. Find joy in a new hobby

17. Find a new favorite soup recipe 

18. Host a friendsgiving 

19. Two words... halloween. oreos. 

20. Try a new fall Starbucks drink

21. Start a new book

22. Take all of those fall inspiration insta pictures

23. Explore a new local coffee shop 

24. Buy a new (or old) three times too big flannel 

25. Soak it all in 

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