1. Shoulder Bags

Shoulder bags, and even smaller purses have been a hit! I have seen so many fashion icons with vintage shoulder bags to dress up a casual outfit. My favorite designer shoulder bag is the vintage Fendi bag. Hear that?? Vintage (go find you a good sale)!

2. Satin

I don't know about ya'll, but doesn't satin make an outfit look so much more put together?? You can look sophisticated while looking trendy and sexy! I have seen so many dresses, shirts, and even skirts that are satin.

3. Square Necklines

Square necklines have been creeping around this summer, but has finally made its big appearance at the New York Fashion Show. These necklines look so good to enhance your collarbone or to give your chest more shape.

4. Chunky Boots

If you have a more edgy style, this is perfect for you! I am obsessing over these chunky boots that have been trending. I also feel like I can find these almost anywhere and for a reasonable price (a win win).

5. Animal Print

Not only am I seeing the standard animal print on clothing, but I keep seeing full-on animals on things like dresses, phone cases, bedsheets, etc. I am living for it!

6. Butterflies

From clips, earrings, necklaces, and shirts, butterflies have been everywhere. My favorite butterfly trend are the Yochi butterfly earrings. They are such a staple in my jewelry collection!

7. Nudes

Instead of seeing orange and dark colors like I typically see during the fall season, I have been seeing so many nudes. Even nudes paired on nudes. I love this look! It is so simple, yet effective. My favorite inspiration was from Kim Kardashian's new launch, Skims.

I hope you got some inspiration for this 2019 fall season.