On Your Knees

Get on your knees to pray in the brightest days, or in the latest of nights. Stand to praise the Father, but fall down to your knees in awe at his creation; and see the paintings in the clear-bright skies, through the shadows and the rain, even in the snow and view the sunlight. When it seems so dark and gray that you feel the light has been taken away; fall on your knees and just pray a heart of joy, or even just a message of hope and of thanks. Get on your knees to pray to the Father who loves you so much and is always listening to his children. Fall to your knees and know that you are not alone, and that He is right there beside you guiding you through the obstacles that may come your way. Praise God with all of your heart and even it means falling down to your knees and just saying God, I am your child and You are the Father, please help me through the days and show me that you are always there listening at the other end. People tend to turn to God when the obstacles of life hit them so hard and they ask Where is God, when the answer is He has been there the whole time and we need to be praising him no matter what, because in the end He is in control. Fall on your knees in your prayer and turn your heart over to the one who truly cares, because when the world is pushing you down, you get up on those knees and pray. Amen.

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