Why Fall Brings Out The Basic In All Of Us
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Why Fall Brings Out The Basic In All Of Us


Why Fall Brings Out The Basic In All Of Us
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Nothing makes me happier than when the leaves begin to change, the weather starts to cool down and the holiday season approaches. As much as I hate to admit it, when October rolls around I can't help but channel my inner basic-white girl. Here are 8 basic things we all hate to admit we love about the fall season.

1. Pumpkin everything-Pumpkin bread, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin pie, pumpkin candles, and of course-pumpkin spice lattes. In fact, from October through December, you can fully expect my house to be smelling like a full-blown autumn walk. And be prepared for the extreme amounts of snapchats and instagrams of coffee drinks with cute little designs in the foam.

2. Christmas music-Cue J-Bieb's "Mistletoe". Christmas music brings back nostalgic feelings of happiness for most people, hence why I play it every chance I get once December rolls around (or maybe even late November).

3. Going to a pumpkin patch-Another must in the fall season is going to a pumpkin patch (and documenting it with a fun and flirty insta, of course).

4. Carving pumpkins- Carving pumpkins is a fun, fall festivity for family or with a group of friends. The pumpkins make for cute Halloween decorations and the seeds make for a delicious snack.

5. Breaking out the winter clothes-While summer clothing is fun, it's always a relief when you get to store away the bikinis and shorts and break out big sweaters, boots, beanies, and scarves. Winter fashion is cozier, looser, and overall more comfortable. It's also finally acceptable to be pale, which is a blessing in itself.

6. Christmas lights-Christmas lights are a surefire way to start getting in the holiday spirit. When restaurants and other public places start putting up their Christmas lights, that's when you can really start getting excited. Stringing lights on the tree, the outside of the house, and even in your room is a great way to bring the magic of Christmas right to your own living space.

7. Uggs and leggings-a classic white girl look. It's basic, I know, but leggings, uggs, and a big sweatshirt are the comfiest, easiest go-to outfit when the weather gets cold.

8. Spending time with family-Finally, the holidays are some of the best times you spend with your family, carrying out traditions that have been in place since you were a little kid. Whether it's decorating the tree while making hot cocoa or going on an early morning hike on Christmas morning, the Holiday season is my favorite time of the year as it truly brings family together.

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