Lex Fall Fun Activities
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Lex Fall Fun Activities

Fall can is one of the best seasons but it can be hard to find fun fall things nearby.

Lex Fall Fun Activities

I love fall so much it is one of the prettiest times of the year. This year, fall looks a little different because of COVID-19 but it does not mean there are not still fun fall things to do. It can be hard right now to find fall themed adventures but there is still plenty of fall themed things that can be done near Lexington while still social distancing. So grab your roommates and friends and check out some of these local fall things.

The Arboretum


The Arboretum which is right off The University of Kentucky Campus is a beautiful park full of acres of nature. It is great for a nice fall walk as the trees begin to change and the leaves start to fall. It can be a fun fall place to take a nice stroll with roommates and friends even maybe snap a few fun fall pictures.

Drive down Kentucky Backroads


The backroads near Lexington are beautiful year round but are especially beautiful around the fall time. When the leaves start to change to roads give off a picturesque backdrop and it is even more beautiful once you see the horses in the back. A nice fall drive through Lexington can be super fun tp do with the right people and right playlist.

Visit nearby Pumpkin Farms


There are so many great pumpkin farms near Lexington as well as orchards for apple picking. Some of these great places include but are not limited to; Evans Orchard, Eckerts Orchard and Buckmeadow Farms. Each of these offer different unique fall finds. Some have hayrides and apple picking. Others have corn mazes and petting farms. Do some research and there is bound to be one that has what you are looking for.

Keeneland Fall Meets


Keeneland fall meets are still up in the air because of covid-19 but fall meets take place all of October. They run on the weekends Friday-Sunday. These are super fun too do with friends because you get to get super dressed up in fall entire and bet on horse races.

Visit a Haunted House


There are still a couple nearby haunted houses offering unique haunted experiences even thru covid. One of these is the Wicked World Scaregrounds. This one offers three unique haunted houses and still as tickets available for the rest of fall. Check out if on oof these interests you as well as fall up there might be some other houses offering scares during covid.

Fall Hikes


Kentucky is a beautiful state offering plenty of hiking opportunities. These hikes will look even more beautiful once the leaves begin to change. Check out Lexington locals like Raven Run and McConnell Springs. For a longer drive check out Red River Gorge. There are so many hiking opportunities near and far from Lexington to check out this fall.

Kentucky Castle Fall Events


The Kentucky Castle is known for having serval events throughout the year and the fall does not disappoint. This fall they are offering a Murder Mystery Dinners on select nights. They also are offering a Pumpkin Spice TeaTime and an Octoberfest pairing dinner. Check out The Kentucky Castle because I am sure they will continue to update with more fall events.

DIY Halloween Decorations


This one is not a local Lexington thing but a general fun fall activity. There are plenty of fall DIY crafts and decorations on the internet that would be super fun to do with friends and roommates. Even carving or painting pumpkins is a fun way to get in the fall mood.

Watch Halloween Movies


There are so many great halloween themed movies that are kid friendly and plenty of scary movies. If you are like me and have almost every steaming service then you are bound to find a movie that fills your fall needs.

Cook Fall Foods


I love all things fall especially fall food. Pumpkin spice is the best this time of year and why not have some fun with it and find recipes that you could make and try. It could be fun to do while watching a Halloween movie or making Halloween crafts.

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