As of September 21, it is now the season of Fall, something a majority of people have been happily awaiting the arrival of. When someone thinks of Fall, they think of the fresh smell of the crisp air and the beauty of falling leaves. Often in this season, there are many things people look forward to seeing and eating. This year's top Fall essentials will be sure to have you falling in love.

1. Pumpkins and Pumpkin Items

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

Did you say pumpkin picking and pumpkin spice? Arguably the staple of Fall, people go crazy for pumpkin lattes and pumpkin pies. Picking pumpkins from a patch, painting them or carving them to put out on display, is a popular past time. Who doesn't love a good fall pumpkin?

2. Apples and Apple Cider

Photo by Natalie Collins on Unsplash

APPLE PICKING! A fun and easy trip for family and friends, but also a delicious one. You can use them for apple pies, decorations, a small gift, or for smashing, if you are crazy enough. Apple Cider is another popular Fall treat. It can be heated up or chilled for a nice, relaxed drink.

3. Hayrides

Photo by Spencer Pugh on Unsplash

Whether it's haunted or just a ride around a field, hayrides are beautiful and a fun activity to take part in during the cooler season. Local amusement parks and farms may offer rides.

4. Fuzzy Socks

Photo by Rosie Kerr on Unsplash

Cozy up in bed with a hot cocoa, a blanket, a movie and what else? FUZZY SOCKS, OF COURSE! Not only are they comfortable and fun, but also fashionable. They come in many sizes, colors, and decorative patterns for any mood you may find yourself in.

5. Movies

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

A popular American pass time is movie watching. The movie can be a variety of different genres: scary, comedic, a rom-com, and so on. Bring a friend or family member, or even enjoy it by yourself. Bring popcorn, a drink, and cuddle up. You are now ready for successful movie-watching relaxation!

Go out of your comfort zone, take a trip this year and try something new. This Fall season has so much love and excitement to offer. What will you do first?