Cute Fall Dates For College Students
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8 Fall Dates College Kids Actually Have Time For Between 8 AMs, Naps, And Tailgating

Skip the haunted house, bake cookies instead.


Let's admit it: we're all completely basic and want to go on cute Fall dates with our bae. Between hayrides, college football games, carving pumpkins, we want it all. But as badly as I want to go through a super-overrated haunted house, as a college student, I don't necessarily have the time to wait in line for 2 hours just to spend 15 minutes in haunted house that wouldn't necessarily be scary without the over-use of strobe lights.

Just because college students don't have time for traditional fall dates doesn't mean that we should miss out completely. There are still so many cute and quick Fall dates that work perfectly with our crazy busy first semester schedule.

Here are 8 Fall dates that even the busiest college student can fit in:

1. Bake Pillsbury sugar cookies

These cuties take less than 15 minutes to make and taste like heaven. Cuddle up with your bae and a cup of hot apple cider and enjoy!

2. Watch college football together

While we may not be able to go to every single game, we'll definitely still be watching every game on TV. Why not turn it into a date? Blankets + popcorn and you're good.

3. Coffee shop study date

We're gonna have to get our studying in either way. Might as well do it with a cutie and Venti PSL and Chai Latte by our side.

4. Paint pumpkins

Traditional pumpkin carvings require far too much time (and energy for the clean up process). Save yourself the hassle and settle for some cute and creative painted pumpkins instead.

5. Go for a fall drive

No destination required as long as there's nothing but orange leaves on the trees.

6. Cider tasting

Have a DIY wine tasting night! Complete with all of your favorite ciders.

7. Have a picnic

Put on your cutest fall outfit, pack a picnic basket, and head out to enjoy the perfect, crisp fall air, a delicious meal, and some sweet company.

8. Visit the local farmers market

You'll need to get your veggies either way, might as well turn it into a date. I hear they sell flowers, too (wink, wink).

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