A Freshman's Guide To Their First Fall Break

Going home on Fall break as a freshman is an experience you only get once. It's been a little over the halfway mark of the semester, and everyone is ready to go home and see their families. The first time coming home is a special one, that you should cherish.

1. Coming home for the first time.

Coming home for the first time, I had felt as if college was just this extended summer camp and that it was all over, and things were "back to normal." Sure, I was in the house I had grown up in and with the people I have spent a majority of my adolescence life with, but I felt this safe security that I had missed. Sleeping in my own bed was amazing, having my own shower and bathroom with no worries of someone else needing to get in felt amazing. Being able to walk into my kitchen and have a fully stocked fridge, with delicious varieties of food, rather then dorm snacks was an amazing feeling.

2. Reuniting with your family.

I really missed that feeling of security. My family and I sat in the kitchen, and they all pondered me with questions about how college was going for me. That first reunion is a bond that you only get once. It was an amazing feeling wondering how your house and family were functioning without you, and having them wonder how you were doing in the scary place called college.

3. Reuniting with your high school friends.

My personal favorite part was reuniting with my high school friends. I had stayed in close touch with my high school friends, most of which I had been friends with since elementary school. Saying my final goodbyes to these people was rather difficult after having them by my side for many years. The good news is we were all going through the same thing. It was amazing getting to reconnect with them and share our college stories thus far.

Overall, fall break as a freshman is very important. That ability to reunite with your hometown and family members is essential with the transition to college. Sure it's only a couple days at home, but a break from the stress of school, sleeping in a dorm, and being surrounded by "strangers" is definitely needed. If you are yet to have your fall break, I say make the most of it. Visit your old teachers, go to your favorite spots in town, engage in meaningful conversations with your family and friends because before you know it, you'll be back at school.

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