Why Is Fall A Big Deal?
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Why Is Fall A Big Deal?

Pumpkin this, pumpkin that

Why Is Fall A Big Deal?

It's that time a year again for pumpkin EVERYTHING and millennial women are going insane. I guess some others are going insane too but lets face it almost all millennial women love being cute about everything and coordinating to the season and showing everyone just how cute they can be. Here are some of the reason fall is such a big deal to those of you that don't understand.

1. I already said it but pumpkin everything is the biggest deal of fall. Pumpkin spice latte's, candles, baked goods or basically anything involving food or drink.

2. The cute fall outfits. Yes summer clothes are adorable but with fall you get to accessorize more with scarves, hot boots, jackets and even cute beanies. The OOTD's come out a bit more when fall is around.

3. The weather is a life savior for some of us too, it's not too hot and it's not too cold either. Enough of the sweating while walking to class or walking outside to get the mail and not even close to freezing your nips off doing these simple tasks either.

4. The color of mother nature literally just makes everyone happy. The warm reds, yellows and oranges just make outside look so pleasant and cozy. The leaves on the ground and vibrant colors of the trees from far away are breath taking.

5. The fact that we get to start planning for most girls favorite holiday, Halloween. We get a little over excited about what we're going to be and what we need to get or how we can coordinate with our friends for the many nights we all celebrate.

6. Decorating is another big deal. Cute glittery pumpkins everywhere, cute fall sayings on canvases and basically anything we can throw up fall on.

7. The real reason we love fall is the pictures. The pictures for the 'gram or just ourselves in pumpkin patches, corn fields, with leaves, our fabulous outfits we took to Pinterest to coordinate and everything else like our pumpkin spice latte's and cute warm homes and apartments.

Basically you could say its a 'basic' season but lets face it we all love it and most of us can't wait and don't want it to go away. If you don't like fall you're lying to yourself and everyone around you because there is not one thing you couldn't possibly like except maybe if you're weird and don't like the taste of pumpkin anything. Happy fall... y'all!

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