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6 Things Couples Should Try To Do In Autumn

Some suggestions for you and your significant other to during the season of Fall to strengthen your relationship.

6 Things Couples Should Try To Do In Autumn
João Silas

Whether you are at the beginning of your relationship, or a few years into your relationship, you are likely always looking for things to do as a couple that will be fun and help you grow closer together. It is important to do collaborative activities with your significant other, for it builds skills for the two of you to utilize in other instances down the line, such as defining unified priorities, dealing with conflict, and solidifying trust in each other. Here are few activities that could be worth pursuing in the season of the Fall.

1. Apple Picking


It is a pretty standard and simple activity to do at first, especially those of you still early in your relationship and are unsure of a lot of your significant other's interests. When apple picking, the two of you are casually gathering fresh apples you like, to take with you. While picking apples, the two of you could have certain conversations that you may not have felt comfortable having in other settings, such as the topic of family. People often feel comfortable disclosing new things to others when they are in new settings. Also, it will be ideal if the two of you planned to do something together with some of the apples. You could make apple pie, make apple fritters, or even donate some to a shelter or church. This gives an opportunity for more bonding.

2. Wine Touring


A common activity to do is to go on a wine tour because most people enjoy a good glass of wine. A lot of wine tours, especially those that occur in Autumn, have supplementary activities with them, such as making wine and/or exploring scenic areas. This activity gives you an opportunity to understand why your significant other may like the things they do. It also allows the two of you to bring your guards down, just a bit, since the two of you are likely under the influence of alcohol.

3. Pumpkin Carving


Most people do not do this activity as much because it can be very messy. But in this case, messy can be good. This activity provides the space for you to see if your interest maintains even if your significant other is messy with pumpkin all over themselves. It also gives the two of you the room for creativity and teamwork. How are the two of you designing your pumpkins? And are you doing one pumpkin together? No matter the answers, the results yield positive in favor of your relationship.

4. Hiking


Early Autumn, people enjoy going hiking, and you and your significant other should be no exception. Often people are worried that hiking may be exhausting for one person in the relationship, but the hike does not have to be too steep. A short simple hike could have long and worthwhile rewards. The two of you have solitude and are in the position to rely solely on each other. You may begin to get an idea if you can rely on this person, and if they can rely on you. Also, the view you are hiking to can bring a sense of accomplishment and pleasantry.

5. Haunted House


Many couples and friends do this activity every Autumn, especially those who have known each other for a while. It is a fun activity that is often filled with surprises. You begin to see how you and your significant other deal with the unexpected. It also allows you to see how to comfort each other in cases when one of you is scared or alarmed. Haunted houses also force people to be in closer proximity to each other physically, which can lead to closer proximity to each other interpersonally.

6. Corn Maze


This is one activity that needs to be highlighted more, because it incorporates a lot of the skills discussed before, and new ones all in one activity. It is important to not compete with each other, but to work as a team. As a team, you and your significant other have to strategize and delegate options and roles to complete the task of getting out of the corn maze. The two of you are dependent on each other for information and trust, which is important for future companion development. One or both of you may feel discouraged, and how you deal with those non-positive feelings can be telling of how you deal with conflict or hurt feelings down the line. It as if the maze symbolically represents your relationship. So, are you up for the task?

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