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There is much to look forward to in fall, namely these seven trends!

1. Fall flavors

It's pumpkin spice and salted carmel season! You cannot help but FALL in love with these flavors. Treat yo'self to a pumpkin spice latte or salted carmel frappuccino whenever you get a chance. This was not sponsored by Starbucks.

2. Barn dances 

Clariza Adao

Taking pictures is a must. Possible photo captions include: "first barn dance, yee-haw!" or "I forgot my flannel but still had fun." Beware: barn dances mostly play country music. To those who don't listen to country, enjoy only recognizing the Taylor Swift songs. It's a very interesting experience...

3. Sweater weather 

Clariza Adao

Sweater weather is my favorite weather. It's not too cold nor too hot, so the weather is just right. Fall is a cozy season: bring out your favorite sweater and enjoy the beautiful weather with others!

4. Curtis Apple Orchard

Clariza Adao

At UIUC, we all come here once a year to apple pick, but you know damn well that "apple picking" actually means taking our annual fall pictures to post on Instagram. Whether or not you're actually apple picking, we always leave with their famous apple cinnamon doughnuts and apple cider.

5. Homecoming 

Paint the campus orange and blue as you show off your school spirit! At all the upperclassmen, I know y'all don't wear Illini gear as much as the freshmen. Show your school pride. After all, you are paying thousands of dollars to go here. Homecoming is a time to celebrate being a Fighting Illini. When you hear ILL-, remember to scream back -INI!

6. Midterms

Clariza Adao

Midterms is definitely everyone's favorite part of college. HA. Who am I kidding? MIDTERMS ARE THE WORST! Everyone's stressed during this time. All you can do is smile through the pain! If you don't get the grade you want, remember: Cs get degrees! at least you tried your best.

7. Halloween 

Clariza Adao

Having a cool costume is a part of the Chambana Culture! College students go all out with their costumes on Halloween. I didn't take Halloween seriously until college. Halloween is honestly another reason for us to throw a party.

No matter how "basic" these trends are, fall is still an amazing season to look forward to!

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