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You feel that? Do you feel the lack of sweat on your body as you walk to class? Do you feel those goosebumps running across your arms and legs? Is your hair getting staticky? It is happening, ladies and gentleman. Summer is sadly, and slowly, coming to an end. But fear not! Fall is rapidly approaching, and with it comes a multitude of spectacular events! So grab your cardigans and your pumpkins, because you are about to find out a few reasons why this fall will be simply incredible. 

Food and beverage

Everyone gives white girls such a hard time about how important their beloved pumpkin spice flavored coffee is to them, but I think we can agree that all of the world ravishes this gift of fall. Let the white girls indulge! It is friggin’ good, and you know it. Go get one. It will drastically improve your mood. However, coffee is not the only thing that gets a boost from the fall season. Pumpkin pie is making its debut with no shame, along with pumpkin bread. That’s not all, though! Despite the fact that soups are available all year long, they thrive in fall. Who wouldn’t want to warm up to a bowl of soup after a chilly fall day?! 

Clothing switchover

While this doesn’t affect guys as much, it is still a major impact on all of society. Alright, ladies, put away your Nike shorts and break out those leggings. I know, I can just feel the eye rolls that are happening out there, but it is a necessary part of fall. All tanks and shorts must be stowed away for the season, as leggings and cardigans get their time to shine. And don’t forget about the fuzzy socks, boots, hats, and scarves. What a time to be alive, folks. 

Pumpkin fun

Who knew that a squash could bring people such joy. Going to the pumpkin patch immensely improves my mood. There is something special about the combination of crisp air, crunchy leaves, and picking out pumpkins with friends and family. There is nothing quite like it! Pumpkin carving is, of course, the obvious choice when a pumpkin is in your possession, but there are so many more options when using it as a decor item. Do a quick search on Pinterest and your mind will be blown by creative ways to utilize a pumpkin. 

The smells, oh my!

Here they come. Candles and wax melts begin their season. The yummiest of smells will now permeate throughout our rooms and homes -- cinnamon, baked goods, pumpkin, autumn air, as well as various combinations of these. There is nothing quite like walking into a room that smells of cinnamon pumpkin after you have been out in the cold. It is life changing, and I must take part in this experience. Join me. 

Holidays are just around the corner

Fall means Halloween. Then, there is Thanksgiving, and then Christmas. This is important, and I think about it a lot. Fall is the gift that keeps on giving, holiday after holiday. So hold on tight, friends! The bestest time of year is knocking on our door. I am ready to stuff my face, and I am ready for you, Santa. 

Happy Fall! I hope you welcome this delightful season with open arms. Put a pumpkin in your room, or something. Go lay in some leaves. Throw them in the air if you want! Bake something. Put on a cardigan. Just enjoy.

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