The Fairy Godmother: The True Villain of Shrek

The Fairy Godmother: The True Villain of Shrek

This fairy may fulfill wishes, but what does she get in return?

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After watching the entire Shrek franchise, one thought kept running in my mind: "Who is the witch hat cursed Fiona and why is the Fairy Godmother's family always bothering people?" That is when a startling thought hit me. What if the Fairy Godmother cursed Fiona all those years ago?

I know, i know. It is a strange thought. However, Fairy Godmother would do anything to see her son Charming on the throne. She could have such a plan to see her son put there. Even King Harold said that they picked out Charming to be the one who saves Fiona from the castle. Could it be that Fairy Godmother "convinced" them to choose Charming? After all, they do owe her for their happily ever after.

So, Ms. Godmother would just have to set it up where anybody would just have to rescue Fiona to be her husband and future King of Far Far Away. So, she curses Fiona to send her away to await her husband and hero. A dragon is an easy thing to raise to defend Fiona, so Fairy Godmother sets it all up for the King and Queen. All she does now is wait for Charming to be old enough to challenge the Dragon and rescue Fiona. To their surprise, Fiona is rescued by an ogre and the rest is Shrek 2.

Now, what about the books the Fairy Godmother has and all the other Princesses? Could she have anything to do with their success also? Ms. Godmother is said to have the biggest business in hexes and potions. Could one of her potions be an ink that grants wishes in exchange for something? Like the ink that Rumpelstiltskin has in Shrek 4. It will also explain why the King and Queen are reluctant in seeing Rumpelstiltskin in the beginning of Shrek 4, even with the Queen saying that she feels bad for going against Fairy Godmother. She warned them not to go to Rumpel because he has her ink to rewrite history.

What if Fairy Godmother allows the people to accomplish their "happily ever after" in exchange for a favor that Fairy Godmother could call upon at any time? She could have helped all those Princesses, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Rapunzel, become Princesses destined to be saved by a Charming prince in exchange for a small price that will show up later. All she had to do was have them sign an agreement and she has a chance to get what she needs, like she did to King Harold in Shrek 2. And, naturally, Prince Charming can use the blackmail his mommy has to get what he wants also.

So, with the Fairy Godmother having all this blackmail on the heroes, she she must have lots of enemies that want to see her fall. She does, but the secret business of the contracts, aka the "tales" of the Princesses, are rarely known, so it looks like the Princesses and Heroes are the main competition. They do not target Fairy Godmother because they do not know her involvement and because they probably fear her power. While strong enough to take down a dragon, they may not be strong enough to challenge the Fairy Godmother.

The Fairy Godmother may be the main villain of the entire Shrek franchise. She may have been the witch who cursed Fiona in the first place to get her son Charming to become the future King of Far Far Away. She also may have written a lot of the stories for the other major characters in the storyline in an attempt to get a lot of favors in the future in case she needs them. She also could have made Rumpel's ink when writing the stories and given some to him. So next time somebody tells you they can give you the world, try looking at how they do it and what the world costs.

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