Do you ever suffer from days where you feel like a complete and utter failure?

You've inhaled every last bit of junk food you hid away last month. It's your second week without a trip to the gym. You've failed a test, crashed your car, or even are simply just... feeling down.

When the little things begin piling up, your bad habits begin feeding off of one another. I believe we all know the feeling after a day such as this.

You can feel like your grip on your life, your plans, your productivity - is all slipping rapidly out of your control.

The best way to combat this is to be productive. Tell yourself you'll be better, and you'll do better, tomorrow.

And do just that.

Did you know that even the smallest habits - such as making your bed in the morning - improve the overall productivity and success of your day? It most certainly is the little things that count.

The mindset that you're not good enough is often tempting and constantly lurking. It feeds off of your negative thoughts, your self-disgust, and your contempt.

Don't let it win.

Forgive yourself for your little failures, and start creating little successes. Priding yourself in the little things will pave the way to greater successes.

Because we are all human, and to quote a terribly overused phrase, 'to err is human; to forgive, divine.' Failures are a part of life. Yet if we devote our lives only to our failures, we lose the beauty of overcoming them. Fail today, but be better tomorrow. Allow yourself to be human, to fail, to give in to the venomous snake that stems from feeling inadequate. But always find a way to overcome it. Seek out your perfectly imperfect balance of mistakes and successes.