Rejection is more common than success, yet we hear about it so much less. "Boasting" about any failure- romantic, professional, or personal- comes off as self-deprecating, uncomfortable, and doesn't make progress, but it is completely okay to acknowledge it briefly and move on from there.

Constantly winning is actually pretty rare. It only seems so common because everyone shares their little wins with others. With that, after a string of heavy losses, hearing other people's highlights could bring you down. Jealousy and envy is not a pretty look on anyone and brings out the worst in even the best people. The most damaging aspect of jealousy is dragging other people down to make yourself feel better. Rejection and failure hurt, but comparing yourself to other people only hurts everyone more. Supporting others is being a better person.

With that said, vicariously living through other people's success is much different than being happy for them. Being over-involved crosses boundaries in relationships. It is not people's responsibility to bring happiness to others. You don't have to believe in karma to know the universal rule of "what goes around comes around." Be kind and genuine with your intentions. It is okay to ask for help but using someone and hold them to a promise they cannot guarantee puts pressure and strains the relationship further.

On a more personal level, knowing you tried your best, or at least put yourself out there, is significantly better than never getting an answer. Being friend-zoned by your crush or getting denied from an opportunity doesn't mean you're not good enough, it means it wasn't the right time. Everything has its time and place. Until then, patience and perseverance are your best friend.

Perseverance doesn't mean going back to the same problem and asking for another chance. That's just like beating a dead horse. It will get you nowhere. Taking a step back to recover is understandable and necessary for self-reflection and moving on. Throwing yourself for anything without careful thought or consideration is draining. Nobody is invincible to feeling unacknowledged or unqualified after losing back-to-back. Even when it seems impossible to win, never give up. Not saying this opportunity is worth walking away from forever. Taking initiative is one thing and people don't always succeed on their first try. If it is the right thing and meant to be, the opportunity will present itself to you again.

Moving forward involves trying new things and improving yourself and it isn't always easy. Failure can crush self-esteem and put you down. The embarrassment is passing but can become looming if you let it. Overcoming rejection builds a stronger and more confident version of yourself.

It means knowing you're qualified and or loved despite getting turned away. Your self-worth is worth more than anyone's opinion on you. Unrequited feelings do not make you unloveable. Being denied from your dream job doesn't make you unqualified. As long as you can walk away from rejection with your head high and keeping your dignity, you will always win.

Failing is a part of life and happens more often. No opportunity is worth how great of a person you are or take away what you could bring to the table.