So the day that this article was due, I had a meeting with my professors. At this point, I didn't know what to write and I was riding low on time. I mean I am right now as I have less than an hour to get this article in. But anyways back to the story.

The professors told me that one assignment for a class I got to take that could make or break me, ended up breaking me. In conclusion, with not making the preferred grade for that particular portion of the class, I ended up failing the class. Mind you, the only things that I have failed in my life were a couple of quizzes and tests before my college career even started.

To hear that I failed an entire class... That broke me.

It's hard to connect the fact that here I am, a smart student, didn't meet the requirements for this one little assignment. I only missed the minimum grade by 0.18 points for the average. Even though I was averaging all of my assignments and other things to get a B, I still failed by not making the minimum grade for this assignment.

This class was also hard because it was my field experience class, which means that after figuring out my schedule I would probably have to squeeze in the class again in the fall. But they also talked about the option of going into the field where I don't have to be in the spot that I'm in. Since my major's licensure is for kindergarten through twelfth grade, and I am very uncomfortable with older students but I am good with younger ones, it was suggested to me to think about the major that offers licensure for regular education and special education for preschool to third grade.

I think that I'm going to go that route in the end after talking to my mom.

If changing my major means putting me behind, then I can work with that. It's not like I'm the only one who would change my major for the first time. I would envy the people who make it through all of college on the same major they began with.

So back to finding out that I failed this class. Again, I've never failed a class. This is the first time I've ever experienced this. But a few hours after being told this news, I'm realizing that not everything will go as planned. It's always hard when you fail at something, but it takes time and I think failing this class helped me realize what I need to understand about my future profession.

I'm not the perfect human being.

Hell, my parents know that I'm not a perfect human being. My mom said that I have been through worse this semester (please refer to all four articles I wrote about my stomach problems and surgery and such).

What will I do now? I will finish out the week and my exams and then meet with the program coordinator to discuss changing my major.

Again, not everyone is perfect.