No one wants to have the flu, but getting it while you're in college is a whole new definition of misery.

Here are 12 reasons having the flu in college is just so much worse than you'd think.

1. If you don't have a car, you have to take the bus to get medicine. That's a hassle, and everyone thinks you are dying. 

All you want is some DayQuil and NyQuil, but you can't get it without trekking to some shopping center on a public bus. And everyone on the bus is glaring at you because you're quietly dying.

2. Your health center can run out of flu shots.

Because, apparently, it's OK to not have flu shots in stock in the first place.

3. Your mom isn't there to take care of you. 

I mean, this might be the worst of them. Your mom isn't there to make you food, tell you what to do or make sure you are OK. You actually have to prepare your own food when you are sick! You have to do your own laundry when you are sick! It's horrible.

4. Dorm bathrooms are the worst.

Honestly, enough said.

5. You are that sniffly person in the large lecture hall. 

We all hate that person… the one constantly sniffling in the big lecture hall. And then, all of a sudden, that person is you and you hate yourself.

6. You miss class and have so much to make up, or you have no idea what is going on at all.

… and then you quietly change your major in the next lecture because you are so behind.

7. You choke on your cough cause you don't want to make noise. 

You really have to cough, but you don't want to in class because everyone is going to look at you. So, you hold it in and you die a bit — then end up coughing more than you would have before.

8. The cough doesn't go away for like a month. 

Seriously, that thing lingers until you get used to it. Then suddenly, it's gone!

9. You're hot and sweaty and coughing and sneezing — and it's miserable. 

I mean, really, think about it.

10. It's hot outside, but super cold inside, because colleges don't know how to use air conditioning appropriately. 

Why is the flu a thing during hot weather? And why don't colleges know how to use air conditioning?

11. You are stuck in bed for 48 hours and cannot go out with friends for fear of coughing up a lung. 

And then you think about how miserable you are, while your friends are out and about.

12. Everyone thinks you are going to get them sick. 

And you might.