Guide For Extroverts To Understand Shy Introverted Friends
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A Guide For Extroverts: Understanding Your Shy Friends

Just because they don't say anything doesn't mean they're not thinking it.

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As an introvert, I have noticed that it's easy to be misunderstood since we're not ones to speak up. If you're an extrovert, our subtle hints and one-word answers can get confusing. Never fear, because there is a guide to knowing the shy man's language.

To an extrovert, saying good morning is as simple as walking up to someone and saying, "Good morning." This is not so simple for a shy person. It takes deliberation, pre, and hyping yourself up. So you can get one of three responses from your shy friend.

1. The delayed reaction

We weren't given enough to time to prepare, so we process what happened for five seconds before finally saying "Good morning" back.

2. A smile

A verbal response takes more effort than you might think, so to save ourselves from stuttering over our words, a smile is the safest response.

3. No reaction at all

Most introverts' worst fear is coming across as rude, but it can happen on a daily basis. Being too far in their head or not being fully prepared to respond can cause us to not say anything at all. This mainly happens when saying "good morning" in passing so we just walk by before realizing we should I have said something.These rules apply to any greeting.

Ex: "Good evening," "Good night," and "Hello."

Choosing what to do with an introvert can be difficult since we usually are indifferent. It's not that we don't care, we just aren't picky.

You'll need to understand that:

1. Yes, we do want to hang out with you. Any hesitation could be from worrying about how you'll feel when the actual day comes around, or other inner anxieties.

2. While introverts don't need as much social interaction as extroverts, we can't stay cooped up forever. Just being with another human is enough most of the time, we don't really mind where we go.

3. Don't feel bad for making all of the decisions. As an extrovert, you'll probably have more daring choices than your introverted counterpart, so it's probably better that you decide anyway.

Being an introvert and being shy are two different things that can sometimes overlap. An introvert is someone who gains their energy from being alone and finds social interactions more tiresome than a necessity. Shy people could be either introverted or extroverted, but it's hard to tell since their fear of speaking out hides who they are. Neither group dislikes people or wants to be alone forever. Being social is harder work for them, but if they open up to you, then you know they're a true and loyal friend.

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