Short Hair, Don't Care

It is engrained in my mind that, as a heterosexual woman, there are certain things about my appearance that may or may not attract a man. Nice hips and an overall lean build, long and healthy hair, or a “natural” look when it comes to makeup (Boys, it's not natural if I have to wear makeup). So this week I decided, F it! 1.) I have a wonderful boyfriend, so I’m not really trying to impress any other men, 2.) I’m in a new place, at a new school, making new friends, and with that I want a new look. Last, 3.) Society’s definition of what men do and don’t like is hard on us as woman and I’m so over societal “norms”! So I decided to chop a good majority of my hair off!

Who says women have to have waist length, perfect, beach waves? Growing up Barbie dolls are usually a big part of a little girl's life and what do Barbies have? Long, flowing, straight/wavy hair. It's infused in our ideas of “perfect” that long hair is what we need to be pretty. Having curly hair, red hair, or possibly no hair it can be hard to find role models. All girls deserve to feel beautiful!

For those who know me, most of my life I have had very long, very big hair; it’s sort of what I’m known for. My friends and family also know the struggles I have faced with this mane of mine. With so much hair and not as much motivation in the morning I have become known for the good ol’ bun hair-do. My mom is Native American/Caucasian and my dad, to my knowledge, is African American. Therefore I have been “blessed” with long, curly locks. I put blessed in quotes because it took me a very long time to love my hair.

Moral of the story, yes I was scared shitless to cut my hair but it’s hair, it grows back! Whether I decide I hate it or love it I will always pride myself in being brave enough to do this in the first place! Being brave enough to willingly take away the one of the things that are supposed make woman feminine.

Oh, and if for whatever reason I don’t like my do, look out for me on WSC’s campus rocking cute wigs like Kylie Jenner.
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