4 Ways To Turn Your Extra Time Into Extra Money This Summer
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4 Ways To Turn Your Extra Time Into Extra Money This Summer

With classes coming to an end, many of us are going to have a lot more free time - whether you're still working or not!

4 Ways To Turn Your Extra Time Into Extra Money This Summer

If you're using your summer to save up some funds for this next school year, these options will be perfect for you. Many can fit with any schedule, where you can work whenever you have the time - no scheduling required! Most also require little to no experience, and all you'll need is your phone and car.

Uber and Lyft

Rideshare companies have become extremely popular these past couple years, and are great for working on your own schedule.

To become a driver for either company, all you have to do is download their app and make an account, provide the required information such as your driving experience and legal documents (license and car insurance), and complete an online drivers screening.

Once you complete these, you're ready to go! When you have the time, all you"ll have to do is log on, see who nearby is needing a ride, and accept their request!

No scheduling required, and you choose when you work. This option is great if you have a job already and still have a bit of free time, but not enough to have a second job.

Just make sure to be safe - verify your rider's name and destination before they get into your car, be aware of who is with you and your surroundings, and if a rider makes you uncomfortable or acts inappropriately you can report it straight to the app. If you're worried about driving alone, have a friend go with you on some rides so you can get comfortable with it!

Doordash and Postmates

With ride sharing becoming so popular, so has food delivery! Of course, we've had pizza delivery and other food services that deliver their own, but with these options, you can order/deliver food from any restaurant found in the app.

Much like Uber and Lyft, you only work when you decide to, making it extremely easy to do in your free time.

Once downloading the app and making an account as a driver, pass a background check, provide car insurance (if that's what you'll be using) or even ride a bike or scooter!

When you want to deliver, you'll just have to log on and accept or deny delivery requests sent to you. Drivers can make around $10-$15 per order, which includes a pick-up and drop off fee, wait time, and mileage, which is all paid weekly.

There are different bonuses in the app depending on the time of day or how frequent you accept orders, so it can be a great way of making some money!

Of course, be safe doing this as well, take a friend with you if you're worried or have your location shared with family or friends, be aware of your surroundings, and report any situation that is inappropriate.


If you love working with kids, then Sittercity would be great for you! Similar to Care.com, Sittercity is an app for babysitters to find families to work with or for parents to find childcare, but much easier than Care in that you don't have to pay fees just to be able to use the app.

There are more scheduling and experience required with this option, but you're still able to work the hours that you want.

You can create your profile based on what you're experienced in, including babysitting, nannying, pet sitting, or daily assistance with housework or tutoring.

It has specific questions you can answer to let others know your abilities and work experience, set your own hourly/daily rates, and you can also see what families near you are needing help with!

Once you find one that you want, you can send the parents an application to better your chance of being chosen. It helps to apply to multiple positions at once because not everyone will choose you!

This job requires some past experience of course, so if you have been babysitting for years, worked in daycare or childcare settings, this would be great for you! If you aren't a fan of kids, then maybe don't consider this one. As with the other options, safety is a big thing.

It helps to know a bit about the job before you accept it, and meet the family in an open public place before the job. You can have a friend go with you, or make sure your location is being shared. If you have a bad feeling about anyone or are uncomfortable in your setting, make sure you have a way of getting assistance.

Donate Plasma

This method is popular among college students. where places like Biolife or CSL Plasma will pay you to donate plasma. This is very similar to donating blood, expect they separate your blood cells from your plasma and the blood is actually sent back into your body.

It typically takes longer with this separation process, but you could be making $300-$500 a month with 8 donations (limit of 2 per week) depending on if that center has any monthly deals going on.

To get started you have to set up an account online, make an appointment, and when you go in for the first one you have to have your Social Security card, a recent mail item with proof of local address, and your ID.

You can go onto your center's website for alternative options for any of these, or an explanation of what you need. The first donation will be the longest because they have to do a full physical, so prepare to be there for around 2 hours!

After that one, the following donations should take around 45 minutes and you'll be paid $20-$50 per donation. This is not only a great way to get extra money, but also has a great purpose to donate plasma to those who can not produce it as well, which is what our bodies use to clot our blood for injuries.

You get paid for helping with a great cause! There are some health requirements to be able to donate, so be sure to look at those so you can be sure if you are eligible or not.

If any of these options don't work,there are always many other ways of making some extra money - you could mow lawns for people or babysit for family friends! There are Facebook pages of people looking for employees and employers, so take some time to look through things like that and find something that works for you!

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