15 Amazing Things I Experienced In Malaysia And Singapore
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15 Amazing Things I Experienced In Malaysia And Singapore

I saw lots of sights on my tour around Singapore and Malaysia, but the most amazing thing...

15 Amazing Things I Experienced In Malaysia And Singapore
Sandra Fermin

1. Street Art.

The Street art in Malaysia was beautiful and very well done. My favorite one, however, was in Singapore. This is an elaborate portrayal of how coffee is made.

2. Cloud Forrest Waterfall.

In Singapore, we went to go visit the Cloud Forrest and Flower Dome. In the Cloud Forrest there was the world’s largest indoor waterfall. It was one of the most beautiful sight of the trip.

3. Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

We did not actually stay

in this hotel, but just looking at it was amazing. The boat on top of the building features the world’s largest infinity pool, and palm trees lining the edge

4. Hindu Mirror Temple.

This was a temple made completely out glass. The glass colors used were yellow, white, and dark blue. They have to renovate this temple every few years to keep it looking as amazing as it does now.

5. Orang Utans.

In Sarawak, we visited the Semmenggoh Nature Reserve. At the Reserve lives a few rehabilitated Orang Utans. One of these Orang Utans even got down off her tree and walked on the pavement in front of me!

6. Walking over a Bidayuh Bamboo Bridge.

At the cultural village in Sarawak, the group and I were lucky enough to get to cross an authentic Bidayuh bamboo bridge. Luckily for us, the bridge was only a few feet above the ground and almost impossible to fall off of.

7. Show at the Sarawak Cultural Village.

One of the most exciting highlights of the trip. They did the cultural dances of the natives of Malaysia. It was amazing to watch. During the show, I was called on stage to attempt to use a blow pipe and shoot some balloons down.

8. Dancing in the Iban Longhouse.

The natives, upon our arrival, invited us to dance their traditional dance called the Ngajat. All of us participated, and all of us enjoyed taking part in this dance.

9. Bathing in the River.

When it was time to bathe at the Longhouse, all the girls donned dresses known as Sarongs and got in the river. It was kind of hard to bathe with them on, but the Ibans take the modesty of women very seriously.

10. The Batik Factory in Penang.

Here, we got to see how Batiks are made. Some of the designers used stencils, and other use freehand to draw designs onto these intricate shirts.

11. Penang Botanical Gardens.

The gardens were beautiful and very green, but the most amazing sight were not the plants, but rather the monkeys that walked throughout the garden with us.

12. Kek Lok Si Buddhist Temple.

This temple is amazing because it is situated on a hill. After taking the over 200 step climb to the top, it has a beautiful view of Penang.

13. PETRONAS Tower.

These towers are located in Kuala Limpur, Malaysia. With over 88 Floors, they are one of the largest towers in South East Asia. They were breathtaking at night.

14. Batu Caves.

It takes 272 steps to reach the top of the cave, and at the top there is a beautiful temple. The best thing about the temple were the monkeys that sat along the edge of the stairs, leading to the top.

15. Friendship.

I saw lots of sights on my tour around Singapore and Malaysia, but the most amazing thing I experienced was the previously divided Junior class coming together and forming friendships. The best thing about the Honors Program is that people from different majors, who are going different places in life, can come together and form long lasting friendships.

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