Ever since I travelled to Paris in eighth grade, I continuously find myself suffering from wanderlust. Simply put, wanderlust is the desire to wander, to explore new areas, try new cuisines, and experience new cultures. Some people don’t have any desire to travel abroad and see the world, but others cannot think of anything better to do with their lives. I would definitely be the one to drop everything to travel around the world. It is so easy to contemplate how large the world is and how little I have seen of it and I have realized that this its the only time of my life when I am young and free in college. This is the time to do the most exploring you can before life takes over.

If you asked me where I want to go, I would answer everywhere. If I had the ability, the money, and the time I would visit every single city on earth and my life would be complete. I don’t want to just see beautiful mountains or historical buildings in pictures, I want to see them for myself and with my own eyes.

In honor of my spring break this week, I thought I would share some of the most unique and affordable things you can do to that any college student can tame their wanderlust.

Take a road trip.

Grab a large group of friends, a reliable car, a map and some good-quality summer music. Take spontaneous detours and pile all of your friends. The most important thing to do is capture the moment.

Take a day trip to city close by.

There are so many activities and events in cities such as NYC, Boston, LA, Chicago and Philadelphia.

Go camping.

Camping is a great bonding activity. You are surrounded by your best friends, fire, and s'mores. Also a lot of campgrounds have planned activities that you can do.


This is probably the cheapest and most rewarding alternative for a spring break trip. There are so many options available and you can even do group projects.

If you feel like breaking the bank, take a flight to the Caribbean or Mexico.

Enjoy some 18+ drinking, tropical fun, and memories with friends that you will never forget.

Ultimately, whatever you do or wherever you go, the experience will be like no other. Be spontaneous and fill life with adventures.