13 Slightly-Blurry Moments Everyone Experiences At Their First College Party

13 Slightly-Blurry Moments Everyone Experiences At Their First College Party

Be careful, don't be dumb, and have a good time!

Ah, the college party. It's an experience that many go through, but few talk about. These events are influential in many lives of young college students. It's an event where you can de-stress from the week or just have a good time with your friends. Since there are so many college students who read these article I figured it would be fun to take a ride down memory lane to when you went to your first college party!

1. When your friends text you to go out

You jump up in excitement and you feel like you're finally living the college experience.

2. When you're getting ready

Yeah... you're gonna try to go all out because if you're going to be drunk in public, you're gonna look good doing it!

3. When everyone wants to take a million pictures!

Do it for the likes. Everyone's gonna take a million pictures to show everyone how great college is! Prepare for your Snapchat feed to get filled with stories like "We're about to get LIIIIT". Here's a tip, don't be that person!

4. When you show up and see how many people are there

I don't know what's more shocking. The number of people that are able to fit inside a 750 sq ft apartment, or that Adam Sandler and Chris Farley represent 85% of how guys dress to go out.

5. When you're there for 10 minutes and your friend is already going nuts

For some people, it's because they were too sheltered growing up. For others, it's because they just don't care. But regardless, everyone has that friend. And if you're sitting here, reading an Odyssey article and nursing a hangover on a Tuesday afternoon, I have a revelation for you, you're that friend.

6. When you realize how hot it is

Yeah, remember when I mentioned the 750 sq ft apartment? This is the result. The whimsical, fun party environment is now mixed with a room full of sweaty teenagers! Have fun!

7. When the guys start acting creepy

There will always be that creepy group of guys at every party that is just being too creepy. Take a seat "bro", keep chugging your $6 vodka, and just leave the rest of us alone.

8. When your friends keep trying to pour drinks down your throat

Yeah... when you're in that environment, people change. Just know your limits, because that can lead to bigger problems. And you make think that taking down more drinks than usual makes you "totally hardcore", but when you're hugging the toilet at three in the morning, that all go out the window. So please, try to make smart choices.

9. When the cops show up

Unless you have 300 dollars to pay a drinking ticket at Illinois State, stop awkwardly flirting with the TA from your Criminal Justice class and pray you make it out alive. Cause if you don't, you'll either have to make that awkward phone call to your parents or start selling your plasma and pray they never find out.

10. When you can't find your friends

Not being able to find your friends at a party is like when you lost your mom at the grocery store when you were a kid. You're disoriented, probably not able to think straight, and you become very apprehensive about every stranger who makes eye contact with you.

11. When you're trying to get your friend home

Welcome to the greatest challenge of your young life. No matter what they say, no matter how many times they try to lie down in the grass, just get them home!

12. When you need to get them back inside before night ops

Unless you want to have a philosophical conversation with your local police department, you're gonna need to get them back inside before they have to check in.

13. When you wake up and realize you survived the night

You've done well young one, you've done well.

Now I'm not writing this article to glorify underage drinking and partying like it's 1989. I'm writing this because there are many students who do go out and party and much more that will. Take these funny GIFs as a lesson. Be careful, don't be dumb, and have a good time!

Cover Image Credit: @snippedbysteph

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Thomas Hames Is A New Face In The Music Scene Worth Checking Out

Meet the future grammy winner that's going to charm his way into your heart.

When all of the faces in the crowd blend together, all of the music sounds the same, and all of the parties feel the same, it's time for a change. That change starts with Thomas Hames, Tallahassee resident and up and coming musician. With his upbeat sound and endless charm, Thomas is a new face in the crowd that you should know about.

Born in Bogota, Columbia in 1994, Thomas was always known as the "foreigner" around his group of friends. When he moved with his family to the states, he moved around in Mississippi and eventually made his way to Bradenton, FL, until his second year of college where he found himself at Florida State.

It was around the time in grade school that Thomas realized he had a passion for music. His friend, a guitar player, had backstage passes for Green Day, and he was so excited to hear all about the concert.

"My friend going to see Green Day was a huge deal in middle school," said Thomas, "he made it into the yearbook with a picture of Billy Joel Armstrong's guitar and everything." It was then that he found his love for music.

Thomas's mom, a Columbian native, is a latin guitar player, so naturally, he was exposed to music at an early age. "She'd come out and play the guitar at family parties and I was fascinated by it."

He bought himself a guitar when he was young and began to watch videos of how to play guitar, as well as performing in music classes at school. Upon enrolling in college, his major was none other than Music Theory.

His first show was during his high school years at the Truman Bar & Grill in Bradenton.

When asked what it is about music that he enjoys, Thomas couldn't help but smile. "It's the creative aspect of it and being able to do things with my hands," he said, his fingers tapping away to a made-up song in his head. "Being the foreigner in my group of friends, it was nice to have something that helped me fit in."

Aside from playing guitar, upright bass, and learning to play the harmonica, Thomas is a great cook and can mimic quite a few accents with ease.

His favorite genre of music is classic rock because of its influence on other genres, and he's now getting into blues because of its story-telling. "I don't like electronic music as much because it doesn't tell a story," Thomas said.

"When I make music, I want people to be able to play it in their cars, listen to the lyrics, and relate to it."

"I want people to know that they're not alone and they can connect to my music."

Thomas gets his lyrical inspiration from various sources, such as the lyrical content from rappers like Eminem and Lil Dicky, country music for the stories, and bands like Guns n Roses for their sharp lyrics.

For his own songs about love, people often ask Thomas who the female inspiration is. "There is no girl, I've never been in a real relationship, so I write how I want it to be, and what I want to be going through my mind," Thomas said.

Between being a Kitchen Gentleman for the Phi Mu sorority house, Thomas spends countless hours in the studio, working on new songs to be released soon. His first Tallahassee show, set for March 30th, will be held at the Pub House at the Strip.

"Expect some acoustic guitar, some covers of classic songs, and even a few of my own songs," he said about his upcoming show.

If you attend the show, please make your acquaintance with Thomas! He's a humble guy with a big heart, but will often forget names! So make sure you repeat your name several times and befriend Thomas, and of course, enjoy the show!

For more on Thomas, his whereabouts, and all the happenings, check out the links below!

Instagram: @thomashames

Twitter: @BigPapiTom

Soundcloud: @ThomasHames

Snapchat: @ThomasHames13

And a special thanks to Thomas for allowing me to do this interview, and featuring my boyfriend on drums on one of his tracks!

(photos by Sarah Cagle, @sarahcaglephotography )

Cover Image Credit: Sarah Cagle Photography

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13 Times Kris Jenner Perfectly Summarized/Predicted Your Friday Night Out

She's not a regular momager, she's a cool momager.

For some reason, I have always liked watching "Keeping Up With The Kardashians." Whether it be the clothes, the drama, or their family bond, I really do enjoy the show. I've watched them all grow up since the beginning. Although the family has dramatically changed, Kris Jenner has always remained the most brilliant manager mom ("momager") that the family could ever dream of having.

So, here are a few Kris Jenner moments that actually perfectly describe your night out on the weekend.

1. Making the plans

You may not be sure what you are doing yet, but either way, it will be fun.

2. Picking out the perfect outfit

It is the best feeling when you find the perfect outfit and you feel like a million bucks.

3. Struggling to get out the door in a timely manner

For me, something always goes wrong when I'm trying to get ready. Whether it be a messed up winged eyeliner or you can't find the other shoe, it can be a struggle to finally leave.

4. Pre-gaming at your friend's place

5. Taking 1,000 group pictures

You have to make sure you get everyone's good side.

6. When everyone finally gets into the Uber/Lyft

7. Finally getting your first drink at the bar

Time to really get the night started.

8. When your jam comes on

9. Taking Snapchats of your friends' sick dance moves.

Your friends know how to work it and they will want to see the snaps in the morning.

10. Losing your ID/money/phone/keys at some point during the night

We've all been there and losing something while you are out is definitely stressful.

11. When your friends try to get you to flirt with someone

Flirting isn't easy, man.

12. Getting some late night food

Carbs become your best friend.

13. Finally getting home after a long night

The feeling of finally getting into some comfy sweats and crawling into bed is like no other.

Cover Image Credit: E!

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