Tell Us What Your Experience With Coronavirus Was Like As A Student
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Tell Us What Your Experience With Coronavirus Was Like As A Student

Have you had to stop going to classes?

Tell Us What Your Experience With Coronavirus Was Like As A Student

As a student, semesters can be challenging even when schools are operating normally. Now the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is impacting colleges, universities, and their students in completely unique ways.

If you've had coronavirus — or know someone who's had it — and are a student on campus, we want to hear from you.

What was your experience like? How did you manage to maintain your schoolwork while dealing with it?


Headline: I Had COVID-19 While I Was At [University] And This Is What It Was Like


I Interviewed A Classmate Who Had COVID-19 At [University] And This Is What It Was Like

Cover Image: A personal cover image of you or the classmate who had it wearing a mask and at a campus landmark.

Introduction: Start by giving a little background on COVID-19 on your campus. If you can find any relevant statistics about infections, how the university planned to handle cases as they emerged, or anything else, add that into your introduction.

Then, you can answer some of these questions yourself or ask your classmate some:

  1. Overall, what has your experience with COVID-19 been like?
  2. Has it been hard having it while being on campus?
  3. Have you had to stop going to classes? Have your professors provided virtual options so you can stay updated on classes?
  4. How did your school respond to your infection?
  5. Did they bring you food while you were in lockdown? How was it delivered/was it suitable?
  6. Were you monitored by your school?
  7. Did you have to move housing?
  8. Were you allowed to have any contact with anyone during your quarantine?
  9. What has been the biggest struggle of being infected while you're on campus?
  10. How long did you stay quarantined for?
  11. Does your school have a special absence policy due to COVID or did you have to go to class while being sick?
  12. What instructions did your school give you for ending your quarantine?
  13. Did you have to provide a negative test to stop quarantining?
  14. What do you think your school could have done differently to make your experience better?


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Student Life

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