If you haven't heard, Disney is creating a live version of their classic, "Beauty and the Beast." The official trailer was released last Monday, and I've been thinking about it ever since. The original version of the movie is outstanding, so I can only imagine what their live action version is going to be like. This isn't the first time Disney has made a real life version of one of their hit movies, Cinderella was re-created and pleased crowds everywhere. Obviously, this movie has my childhood self excited (and if we're being real, my present self is excited too), so here are some of the expectations I have for the new release.

The cast will be 10/10.

Emma Watson is cast as Belle and I couldn't be more thrilled about it. Watson is an incredible actress, and I'm happy with the idea of her abandoning her Hermione stereotype. I think that this role will be a great opportunity for her to grow as an actress, and I'm excited to see how she performs.

I'll experience nostalgia.

Growing up, my older sister and I would always watch "Beauty and the Beast," and I hope I'm brought back to those memories as a young girl. I want to experience the magic, just as I did as a child, and I want to be brought back to those fun and exciting memories.

The music will impress me.

If you've never belted out the words to "Be Our Guest," you're probably lying. Hearing the melodies that are played in some of my favorite movies always has a way of making me excited, and I expect nothing different from this movie. It will be interesting to see the cast interact in a musical setting, but I would be lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to it.

The movie will be a hit.

Disney has a way of capturing audiences of adults and children alike. Kids will be lined up to see the movie, just as college students like me will be. I don't know how Disney does it, but they create content that is enjoyable for all ages, and I'm thankful that they do.