Just So There Are No Secrets, Here Is What You Can Expect From Going Through Sorority Recruitment
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Just So There Are No Secrets, Here Is What You Can Expect From Going Through Sorority Recruitment

The process is long and hard but worth it in the end.

Just So There Are No Secrets, Here Is What You Can Expect From Going Through Sorority Recruitment
Elizabeth Davis

Going through sorority recruitment was one of the most emotionally draining and stressful weeks of my life. I'm not going to lie, throughout that week I wanted to drop the process so many times but I stuck with it and I couldn't be happier that I did because I found my sisters and my home away from home.

When I began the process last fall, I had no idea what to expect so here is my take on the process and what my experience was like.

I don't know how the system goes everywhere but at my university, the first two days of recruitment are open house days. This is where the PNM's (Potential New Members) go and visit with girls from each house. This is also when PNM's hear each houses porch songs for the first time.

By the end of my first two days, I had completely lost my voice. I even went into one house and when I went to say hi to the girl I couldn't even say "hi".

The third day of recruitment is known as Philanthropy day, it is when each house tells the PNM's what charity they raise money for and educate them about it. Usually a video or some sort of presentation is shown and an activity is optional for the PNM's to do.

This day is also the first round of cuts for the houses. Instead of going to all of the houses, the PNM's only go to a certain number based on who they prefer and which houses wanted them back.

The fourth day of recruitment is Sisterhood day. When PNM's go into houses this day, they learn about all of the sisterhood bonding activities and also get to go on a house tour. Also during this day girls are educated on the financial obligations that go along with being a member of a sorority.

Rounds of cuts from the houses are made again. Each girl only goes to a few of their top houses and prepare to narrow the houses down to just their top two which they may visit on the final day of recruitment.

After a long week of small talk and probably a lot of tears, the final day of the process is Preference day. This day is extremely special to the chapters and each one performs some sort of ceremony.

At my university, we were only allowed to go to two houses maximum and the entire day we had to be completely silent until we went and preferenced our houses. This made the day extremely long, especially for those of us who had the last two rounds of the day.

Overall, recruitment week was long and tiring, and I called my mom way more than I thought I would in my first week away from home, but even with all that I am happy I went through and wouldn't change my process for the world. Because of the process and that week, I found some of my best friends and my home away from home.

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