The girl who was supposed to be forever
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The girl who was supposed to be forever

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The girl who was supposed to be forever

You become best friends thinking you’ll never leave each others side, that bff’s literally means forever and ever. You pick someone and you click. Random trips to wherever, tons and tons of photos. You spend years building a relationship and a special bond thinking it’ll be there when you’re gray and wrinkly. The endless nights staying up and talking about anything and everything, the stupidest things. Meeting each other’s families, calling their parents yours. You plan your whole life around theirs, future kids being besties and houses next door to each others.

The sad part? Not knowing when or why it’ll end. Waking up one day and the bond is gone, the memories are all you have. The even sadder part? Watching it slowly happen. Watching the bond trickle away, not as close, someone moves away; someone does something stupid. Someone feels left out. There’s a million good reasons why you should stop being friends with somebody. Then theres reasons you wont understand for awhile. You won’t understand why you don’t talk anymore or what made you feel like that. You’ll wake up sometimes and go to text them but you don’t have their number anymore. You forget why you aren’t friends.

All of that aside, that girl was supposed to be forever, she was the girl standing beside you at the alter no matter who you were getting married to her spot was set in stone. She was the girl who you couldn’t live with out. Now you are. It doesn’t mean you don’t still care for each other, it just means you have different paths you're on. You’re jorneys didn't align but you respect and love her forever. While the girl wasn’t forever, the bond is. She won’t be standing next to you at the alter, she won’t be the godmother to your kids, she won’t be a phone call away. You’ll watch from afar and silently cheer her on as she moves through life with a smile on your face because you knew her and you’ll remember everything forever.

To the girl who was supposed to be my forever, you’re doing amazing, and while it’s better this way, you were always my favorite person. I’ll forever cherish our memories. I love the life you’ve built for yourself.

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