I have to admit, I don't struggle with executive dysfunction. I have struggled with doing homework, and this has helped me significantly.

I would try to-do lists but got overwhelmed with everything that I would have to do. The spirit of to-do lists, down to their core, is to cross off as many things as possible, which is precisely the problem. I would have so many small tasks that only took a few minutes and one large task that would take hours. I would always do the small tasks first so I could cross the most items off of my list, and the largest projects would fall to the wayside. Sound like you?

I did some research to see if there was anything better, or anything that I hadn't tried yet. I found something called the Eisenhower Distribution Matrix. It's not something you'd find in your marketing class, but I would say it's more important to learn. So what is the Eisenhower Distribution Matrix and why do you need to try it? It's basically a to-do list on steroids.

The matrix separates all of your tasks into one of four boxes, depending on whether or not they're important and urgent. Each box has its own way to react to tasks, as seen in the below image.

Now that you have an image of the matrix, how do you do it? You'll start by writing out all of your tasks in a to-do list, which you might already have. Once you've got it, ask yourself if each item is important and if it is urgent. If it's important AND urgent, you'd put it in the DO box. Important but not urgent goes in the DECIDE box. If it's not important to be done but urgent, put it in the DELEGATE box. Lastly, if it's neither important nor urgent, it goes in the DELETE box.

Once all of your tasks are put in their box, you can get started. Start with your DO box. These need to be done immediately. Get on it. Once those are finished, you can start on either the DECIDE or DELEGATE boxes. Not sure which to go with? In the DECIDE box, you can decide when you should do the task. In the DELEGATE box, you'd try to make the task easier, either by delegating it to someone else or changing the task. Have to write thank you notes? Can someone else do it or can you write emails instead? That would be the DELEGATE box.

Finally, once you're done with all of the other boxes, now you can work on the DELETE box. These are hobbies, looking at social media, or watching television. You don't have to do these, but they are good for relaxation.

Go make your matrix and get your life together.